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    How do I delete deleted items that appear - undeleted?

    Yes, I tried to make a title which sounded good - on purpose.

    But we are not here to discuss my great ability to write and formulate magnificent sentences and rhymes.

    For some time ago, I tried using Iphone Data Recovery by Tenorshare, and after a scan alot of, what i was supposed was deleted, appeared.

    Things such as pictures, old messages and deleted numbers.

    So my question is: If i Jailbreak my phone (need to wait for a fix to comeout to 8.1.3 tho..), is it possible to delete those files with maybe iFunbox? Because getting rid of those things would save me alot of space tho, since the deleted pictures is 800+ still laying on my phone.

    IF anybody here has a method og solution to this please post it here.

    Im thankful in advance.

    - Dude from Europe


    • antsuantsu Posts: 66
      They shouldnt take any space allthough still kinda there. Same thing if just format hdd and looks empty 99% can be retrieved back. They are deleted from the file allocation table and space marked as free so new stuff can be written over the old one which still seems to be there.
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