HELP! SAVE MY PHONE!! (coz apple customer service is s**t!) (+ pointless!)

recently my iphone 5c stopped working + the signal was stuck on 'searching' so i looked online + it seemed the best solution was to connect to my itunes + update it, which i did. Well what a big mistake that was!! Now my phone is stuck on the 'connect to itunes' screen + ive lost all my photos ect!! Ive tried EVERYTHING!, Uninstalling, reinstalling, reseting, recovering....EVERYTHING!! It gets right near the end of the restore then fails! I've had numerous error codes; (1) (21) (4005) (-18) to name a few! Nothing seems to work!! Im actually fuming!! please, please can someone help fix my phone!!


  • lharp
    lharp Posts: 2
    Hello Marie,
    did you try to do a simple reset with holding Power+Home buttons together when your iPhone is stuck at Recovery mode?
    If that does not help, there are some third-party tools like ReiBoot that should help you to get out of the Recovery mode.