Taig on 8.1.1 all icons missing iPad2

I ran TAIG v1.2.1 and afterwards, after I opened Cydia and it updated file system and resprung , all my icons have disappeared. Some applications are unavailable to open via Spotlight, others will show up and I can open them. Both Cydia and Settings are unavailable through spotlight. I tried restoring backup via iTunes, but still no icons. Recent applications list via double tap home button doesn't show Cydia either.

Is my only option to upgrade to 8.3 and hope the icons come back?

Thanks !!!


  • Gautam
    Gautam Posts: 491
    Try to reboot your iPhone to see if it helps. In some cases it works.

    You can also try to reset icon layout on the Home screen to see if it helps. Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.

    You can also try to launch the app using Siri, "Open " to launch the app.

    Let me know how it goes.