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    cannot activate my ipad after upgrade ios 8.4.1

    I can not activate my ipad after i upgrade ios 8.4.1.My ipad is 3rdgeneration wi+cellular A1430 model 64G.
    I used wifi.I notice when i pull out sim card from my ipad I can use my ipad normally .When I insert sim card
    Activation Required message appear then I activate it but Activation fail message appear.I cannot use any apps
    even i cannot use setting application.Now I download ios 8.4.1 firmware to reset my ipad.Is it right? :)


    • You can try putting your iPad to recovery mode, this always solves most problems.
      Step 1. Turn your device off by holding down the Sleep button.

      Step 2. Connect your iPad to your computer and start iTunes.

      Step 3. Hold down both the Sleep and Home button for about 10 seconds.

      Step 4. Release the Sleep button and keep holding the Home button until a message appears in iTunes.

      Step 5. Select your device, and click Restore option under Summary.
    • Please check out if your way of installation is right.
      Step1: Open the PP assistant computer version, download the corresponding firmware version of the above model.
      Step2: Open iTunes and connect your iPad to the PC.
      Step3: Press the shift and the left mouse button on the keyboard then click iTunes restore function.
      Step4: iTunes will pop up dialog window - select the firmware that has been downloaded - click Update - wait for iTunes to run.
      Step5: After the successful upgrade, you need to activate the device before you can use the device with the iOS8.4.1.
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