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    Will you buy an iPhone 6s if you already have an iPhone 6?

    I have a gold iPhone 6 for 9 months, and I really like the rose gold iPhone 6s, and the 3D touch id, live photo, and other features. But I also think it's not worth to replace my iPhone 6 with iPhone 6s for it works perfectly. If you have an iPhone 6, will you buy an iPhone 6s?


    • No, the appearance has no difference between 6s and 6. Besides, 3D touch means nothing to me.
    • GautamGautam Posts: 491
      edited September 2015
      I have preordered iPhone 6s Plus. I agree, it is not as compelling an upgrade for iPhone 6 users.

      But I think there are three main reasons why upgrading to iPhone 6s is worth considering:
      3D Touch (especially if you consider yourself a power user)
      Improved cameras (if you're a shutterbug)
      2GB RAM (if you find the reloading of apps or Safari tabs when you switch annoying)

      There are others like:
      Faster chip (if you play a lot of games)
      Faster Wi-Fi and LTE support (if your carrier or broadband provider supports those speeds)
    • If you like those new features, you should exchange your iPhone 6 with 6s. I guess you also like the new color that Apple has introduced.
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