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    Update from iOS 6 to 7 & NOT 9 on an old iPad 2?

    I have an iPad2 still on iOS 6. I want to update the iOS to version 7 as some newer apps require that as a minimum. I don't want to go to 8 or 9 as I've heard performance of those on my aging tablet is terrible. I already understand Apple is not signing iOS 7 so those on 9 wanting to go back cannot. Is there any work-around though for those of us that are still on an old iOS wanting to go forward but only to a particular version? I played around with iFaith and TinyUmbrella but didn't get anywhere with either.



    • Hey, I'm in the same situation with my iPhone 4S running iOS 6. Do NOT update to iOS 9 because there is no jailbreak available. If your not planning on jailbreaking, go ahead and update to iOS 9. I've heard that its optimized very well for A5 devices. I have iOS 8 on my iPad Mini which is nearly identical and it runs fast enough. Its really time to upgrade to a newer iPad. you can get a refurbished iPad Air real cheap straight from Apple. The Air goes for $329 and the Mini 2 goes for a very cheap $229.
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