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    VPN Profiles in iOS 8 vs Android HELP

    Hi, I have an iPhone 5c running iOS 8. In school, certain apps/websites are blocked on the school wifi so to bypass this I simply download a VPN app such as Onavo Protect, install the "Profile" and tap it on in VPN settings in iOS 8. Simple right? Then there is a VPN icon on the top and everything works fine. There are countless iOS [FREE] no hassle VPN apps just like this. However, on my Android device running Android 4.0.4 there is no easy way to install a VPN, there is an Onavo android app however there is no profile setting in android or easy way to get VPN, I've spent hours online and I've seen ways of buying it, then guides to set it up and enter passwords etc, etc. There has to be an easy way! If not, how come I can tap a couple buttons in iOS and get free VPN but cannot in Android?

    too long; didn't read: how do I get free VPN on Android like iOS?

    (I would just use my iPhone or a data plan, but there is no data on my secondary android, and I want to let my best friend use it in school for apps.)

    I know this is kind of iOS-Android related and this forum is for iOS 8. But this is the brightest community I know of that could help me. I'd really appreciate any help you could offer! Thank you!

    [email protected]


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