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    error code 3194

    I am currently trying to manually download IOS 9.0.2 using itunes on my iphone 5 which is currently IOS 8.0. Every time i hold shift and select the IPSW file to download it shows "unknown error occured (3194)", i followed the instructions and opened the host folder and did not have the line "", so i moved onto the next step and it said if it still shows the error then turn off internet firewall, once i had done that, the error code still came up.
    What do i do, someone help me ASAP?


    • GautamGautam Posts: 491
      You're getting the 3194 error because Apple has stopped signing the iOS 9.0.2 firmware file. So you can't install iOS 9.0.2 any more.
    • I tried doing the same thing as behar1998, and went through the same steps. I realized that apple is no longer signing, so now I am just trying to restore to IOS 9.1, and I am getting the same message. (error 3194) on my surface pro and also "This device is not eligible for build" on my imac. I'm using an iphone 5,1

      Did you find a solution yet behar1998?
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