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    iPhone broken after restore

    Hey guys!

    I had a jailbreak on my iPhone 4, unfortunately I can't remember the iOS version, and I tried to reset the phone to factory settings, but I ran into some problems.
    The problem now is that whenever I try to turn it on, it basically just gets stuck in a very interesting state: the apple logo will appear for a couple of seconds, then disappear, and appear again, and this keeps looping forever. I had it connected to the charger when resetting, and it was doing fine, until it tried to start up.

    I can't put it into Recovery mode either, because it's home button is broken. I also tried using iTunes, but my computer doesn't even recognize that I connected the phone to it, it just acts like I don't have the phone plugged to the other end of the cable, it only charges the battery.

    Can anyone help me with this problem? It looks lost to be honest, but better be safe than sorry.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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