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    error 3194 on iPhone 5

    A friend of mine bought a used iPhone 5, it worked fine for some days but now it's stuck: if i turn it on, i get the "iTunes logo and cable" screen, and i can't do anything.

    I tried to restore it via iTunes but i get error 3194. Tried the same in DFU mode, same result. I tried both with and without the hosts file entry. I disabled my antivirus. All of this was tried on two different Windows 10 computers with the latest version of iTunes. I also tried to use tinyumbrella, but all the versions of tinyumbrella that i could find did not have the "start TSS server" button, and this i cannot really understand.

    My friend is not tech savy so i don't know exactly what he did to break it, i know he plugged it to the computer and did something. The phone could be jailbroken but i don't know for sure, i don't even know what version of iOS it's running.

    Can this be fixed? I just want the phone to work, i don't care about a specific iOS version.



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