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    Our Son passed away, please assist unlocking Ipod Touch IOS 6.1.6

    Our Son has an Ipod Touch IOS 6.1.6. He was 12 years old and died in Sept. 2015 as a result of an accident. Unfortunately he had just changed his 4 digit security code on his Ipod. (he normally gave me his security code. He was only 12 so I felt it necessary to be able to review what was on his electronic devices.) I have contacted Apple but they have maintained that there is no way to get his pictures and videos off the device even though I have offered to provide his death certificate. I can prove that it is his Ipod, but still Apple has been no help. So frustrating. We really just want to be able to have the last visual and verbal memories of him.
    If there is anyone who can provide a way, or point us to someone who can provide a way to get these precious memories for us it would be greatly appreciated


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