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    Attempted Jailbreak iPhone 6 Plus 8.1.2 to 9.3.3 but Failed. Cydia Always Crashes. Please Help!

    Just attempted jailbreaking iPhone 6 Plus from jailbroken iOS 8.1.2 to 9.3.3. PP and Cydia were installed, but Cydia crashes upon clicking. Re-jailbreaking with PP does not fix the issue. I don't know of any method to remove Cydia and re-jailbreak, aside from restoring my iPhone. Does anyone know how I can resolve this? It's been so long since I last performed a jailbreak that I don't remember how to restore while maintaining messages, emails, photos, etc., while simultaneously removing Cydia and all jailbreak data.

    If I have to do a clean restore, is it possible for me to get my messages (SMS and MMS) back onto my phone? I don't think they get backed up by iCloud. If I were to restore from backup, I feel like I would run into the same problem with Cydia. Any suggestions?


    • basswowbasswow Posts: 5
      You could make a full backup to your computer (not iCloud)
      And then restore iPhone and then restore from latest backup
      I don't think you should have any problems then and everything will be back.
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