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    Jailbreak ios 9.3.3. serious problem

    Ok so i've jailbroken my iPhone 5s 9.3.3. using Pangu. Everything worked like a charm at first, then after a few days i installed some font from Bytafont 3. I applied it and got a pop up message that said some files are missing, and some things may not be shown correctly (something like that, i don't remember exactly). I clicked on respring and suddenly i had question marks everywhere, where the clock should be, also my keyboard letters were gone, only question marks. Also when browsing safari there are question marks somewhere where the text should be. So i did a backup in Bytafont, it didn't help. Then i restored phone using iTunes, didn't work. So i decided to delete Jailbreak and did it all over again, so i went and erased all settings and data (I do have a backup).But after my phone turned back on after reset process, Jailbreak stayed on phone, but its not working of course. And i still have those question marks same as before. So did i screw up badly here, and must take phone back to Apple Store or is there some other solution? i am getting pretty desperate here, so if someone could help that'd be great.


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