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    Iphone disabled after screen repair

    I just had the screen replaced on my Daughters iphone 6 plus, the phone was not working for quite awhile due to a cracked screen. After the repair, the phone says that it is disabled please connect to itunes. But when I connect to Itunes on my computer, a message pops up saying that the phone is locked and I need to enter the passcode. The phone is disabled, gives me no options at all. I have tried rebooting in numerous ways. Different variations of the power/ home button combinations. I get the same messages every time. The phone has never been synced to itunes before, or backed up to icloud from what I can tell when I sign on to Icloud through my computer with her apple ID & password. I don't care if we lose everything on the phone at this point, as long as it works. Any help would be appreciated. We paid a lot of money for the screen repair, this is frustrating.


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