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    icloud bypass please!

    I bought a iphone 4s on craigslist. I really need to this just for WiFI as I go in for my operation and I will be laid up in the hospital for 3 weeks until I get on my chemo schedule. Im begging someone to help me with this phone. I can't get passed the icloud activation screen. Can someone possibly send me a program to do this? or help me in anyway.
    I do not have cash and I'm on SSI due to my disibitly. Someone please help me


    • RyoRyo Posts: 19
      This is like asking if you can bypass the PIN code of an ATM card. You just can't do it.

      The point of the iCloud lock is to prevent stolen phones from being used therefore less people will think about stealing them. If someone were able to bypass it, then there is no point to have the iCloud lock.

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