Another reboot loop question, iPh 5, iOS 8.x

Hello chaps,

I JBed my iPh5 months ago and all has been well until last week. I updated Tinder and since then it would freeze frequently, only resolved by forcing a restart, deleting Tinder and reinstalling. I imagined it was an incompatibility with Ember+ and didn't think much else of it.

Until now, when it won't restart at all. I tried holding the volume up button during the process to try and restart without substrates, but no joy. I managed to get into DFU with iTunes, but updating or restoring will mean losing everything and installing an unJBable iOS version.

I haven't installed any other cydia tweaks (or otherwise) over the last month, so I'm not sure what could have triggered this. None of my repos are dodgy pirate ones and I've paid for several tweaks too. I tried RecBoot and Redsn0w on a Mac to force out of DFU didn't help.

Any advice, apart from the inevitable?