Purchased iPhone 6 Plus running on Android 0S? A few questions.

My old iPhone broke plus it didn't work while living abroad anyway so, I bought a second hand phone that runs on Android however it's a bit buggy. When I go to the AppStore-App it goes to the Playstore but when I put in my gmail account the phone only works for about 1-2 mins then restarts and only stops this restarting process after I do a full Reset, losing all my info. Also there is an App called File manager but half of it is in Chinese not to mention I'm not familiar w/ Android OS anyway. Is there a way I can restore this phone to operate on the normal iPhone 6 0S and keep it jail broken and unlocked and maybe use Cydia like I did way back when I was using my iPhone 2 Android and I really don't know what the previous owner did to the phone so I can't depend on it for saving info. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


  • Ryo
    Ryo Posts: 19
    What you purhcased is NOT an iPhone 6. You purchased a cheap no brand Android phone that LOOKS like an iPhone.

    I'd suggest you try to get a refund if possible and get a real iPhone or if you can't afford it, get a real Android phone.
  • Not really viable options for me at the moment. I can deal with the Android OS but as soon as ai plug in my gmail address, The phone only works for about 3 minutes before re-starting. The only thing that stops this is a factory data reset. I just want it to play music. There must be some work around. Maybe restoring with another jail breaking program?
  • Of course I still want the music and camera to be operational.
  • Ryo
    Ryo Posts: 19
    Then don't use any Google features. Google is blocked in China. Maybe that's why no Google functions work on that phone.

    MAYBE if there are enough "fans" for that phone, you may be able to find a updated version of Android software for it. Google the brand and model number and see if you can find anything.
  • How would I go about finding the brand and model number to Google
    if the phone isn't from a legit company. I mean the info is located in "General-> About section but how can that help? Thanks.