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    How to unlock this iphone4s

    The phone is on chinese and i can only make emergency calls- Its and IP address Under the notification field. here is a picture. The phone can't be turned off at all... This is with no sim.

    If i put sim card in i get this

    can only do emergency calls

    Tried to use itunes to reset the phone but it says something about administrator and it needs a passcode to connect to the phone. There is no where i can write in any passcode on phone or itunes only thing i can do is swipe and get into emergency calls. The phone wont turn off so i cant try the hard reset home + power button. Tried to hold power and home until screen turns off then only holding home but that doesnt work ether. Hope someone understands whats wrong here weird part is that it cant be turned off. And no passcode.

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      I had to open the Iphone and disconnect the battery and then start up in DUF mode and it took some tries to recover and update it had to go trough som hangups and loops. But eventually I made it. I had given up the itunes progress bar was frozen on waiting on Iphone and i clicked done on Itunes and suddenly it started to install. So its stock now.
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