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    Cannot Restore Or Update Jailbroken iPhone to ios 10

    becabelyzelbecabelyzel Posts: 1
    edited December 2016 in Jailbreak Forum
    I don't think there will be any solution to my current problem but I will try asking anyway.

    My iphone 6s is jailbroken on ios 9.3.3 and after installing a tweak my phone resprung but the spinning wheel got stuck while turning and my phone wasn't turning off or on. So I reboot my phone pressing both home & power button and of course my phone had to be rejailbroken again. However, when I tried re-jailbreaking, it either didn't send the notification and just rebooted, or sent the notification but had the spinning wheel spinning for a long time (longer than normal) and when my phone turned back on the jailbreak still wasn't there. In shorter words, I am stuck with a jailbroken iphone whose jailbreak features are not working.

    Realizing there wasn't any fix for this, I decided to update to ios 10 and wait for a new ios 10 jailbreak. I have tried everything recommended online so far, and I still can't update.
    I have tried:
    -updating OTA ("checking for updates" never loads)
    -restoring iphone through itunes normally, in DFU mode, and Recovery mode (error 3194)
    -shift click "check for updates" and add ios 10 IPSW file while iphone on normal mode, DFU mode and Recovery mode ("iphone could be updated" error)
    -shift click "restore" and add ios 10 IPSW file while iphone is in normal mode, DFU mode, and Recovery mode (error 3194)
    -changing the hosts file — there wasn't any line in it and adding one didn't solve the problem — adding one resulted in same errors as above, except iphone was stuck in recovery mode, I had to use Reiboot software to get out of it
    -I have tried downloading TinyUmbrella, but it doesn't open on my computer. I open it (as normal or as administrator) and it starts loading but disappears within 1 second and nothing happens after that. (I'm on Windows Vista)
    -I also cannot use Cydia Eraser or anything like that to delete my jailbreak and update my phone because Cydia isn't opening since I cannot rejailbreak.

    I cannot use a recovery software like PhoneRescue because I do not have the money to purchase a pro version, and one of the reasons why I jailbroke my phone was because I couldn't buy apps.
    In case you're wondering, the tweak I tried to install was Revelation, and while it may have killed my jailbreak, I don't think it's the reason why I cannot restore or update my phone.
    Please help me if you have a solution on how to upgrade my iphone to ios 10 other than the ones I have already tried.


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