iPhone 3G S Pricing for existing iPhone Users; Is it Fair?



  • Ron
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    I don't ever post on here, but I wanted to point out that i think this article is a little wrong. I am an att customer and have a 3g that i got last august and if i try to upgrade now, att says i have to pay 399/499, but if i wait til august 25th, i will be eligible for a full discount, which i take to mean the 199/299 price. That is how I am reading my account, but I could be wrong, all i know is i can get the 399/499 price now and have not done a full year yet, and it implies a bigger discount after my first full year in august

  • tkeahab228@yahoo.com
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    what about the iphone 2g users? can we at least get the subsidized rate? I held out hoping for a better iphone than the 3g and now one is here.

  • Wolverinemarky
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    I understand subsidies but u know for us loyal to AT&T and Apple they should have gave us a break or something u know the bills to have these phones isnt cheap and they are making money off of us left and right just a little fairness would be nice,so they wont see a lot of people upgrading from the 3G to the 3GS unless there just so diehard they want to pay that premium I for one will stick with what I got for a while I paid 400 to get my 3g out right I wont pay 600 for the 3GS

  • karl
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    Hey Brian,
    Why would someone buy your 3G for more than $99.00 when Apple cut our throats and dropped their price to you guessed it $99.00

  • andy-tw
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    i think 3g users can keep their old iphone and upgrade to 3gs. so, why don't you just sell the old one to compensate you by yourself. the only question will be, the price of 3g in 2nd hand market will go down, unless the unlock tools are available very quickly.

  • Aaron
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    allow me to make this short and in a non apple fag voice.

    **** YOU AT&T

  • Steven M
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    The only thing that chaps my ass is the fact that they let first generation owners upgrade to the 3G at the subsidized price. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't say anything. I completely understand how subsidies work and I can't blame them for wanting to stick to the contracts, but I feel that they set the iPhone upgrade standard last year and now when we all expected the same treatment, we are getting the shaft.

    The only reasoning I can come up with is maybe they did it last year because it was going from Edge only to 3G. This one is still 3G, just faster, so they aren't really depriving anyone service wise. Nobody can **** about not being able to use 3G. But don't think that AT&T didn't still get their money. Remember...they did raise the data plan from $20 to $30. Over 2 years, they are still getting more than the $200. So, I'm pretty positive that is the reason.

  • Josh
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    I really think everyone is being extremely unreasonable! Look, a 3g iPhone originally cost 700. Unsub; but, if you sign a 2 year contract, you could get it for 300. So, Att conffered a 400 benefit, for 2 years, it wasn't forced or required. You signed a contract, and are mad because before you complete your agreement you want another benefit? That is classic breach; however, for the first time ever, Att is offering an equitable solution, early upgrade for a better phone for the same price, and people are pissed? Shut tfu! If you buy any other phone, you get either commitment pricing or outright (maybe an exception upgrade). So, to be fair Att should allow you to break a previous deal you thought was fair? All these people sound like whining old people that must not realize what contract is. For all you people that want to get a benefit without completing a contract you signed I have 2 recomendations; 1) go to Europe and by an unsubed phone for double the cost with insanely expensive rate plans, or 2) switch from Att to another company that has the exact same policies so I can have your bandwith! Just like a bunch of pussies to complain about the company that helped bring us the iPhone, I dare you to find another company that doesn't want you to honor your agreements?

  • JoshJ
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    if you remember, they increased data from 20-30, creating an additional 240 over 2 years, so from iPhone 2g-3g cost you 240 more, the new 3gs is 200 more; thus, it costs less than the previous increase, for a better phone? Come on, is no one reasonable anymore?

  • Gilberto Arellano
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    I'm gonna sell my iPhone for $350-$400 on craigslist and get me the iPhone 3gs on one line, and on my other line I bought an iPhone 3g for the full retail price and I'm gonna get the iPhone 3gs subsidized price. People don't believe the haters that tell you you can't sell your iPhone 3g for more than $99 some people don't want AT&T or have other necesities like maybe bad credit or don't wanna be shackeld to a 2 year contract for a 1 year old phone.

  • Steven M
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    Right....that's what I said.

  • Dean
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    Gilberto Arellano how are you going to make a phone call if you sell your phone?
    pay phones days are gone homey!!!

  • Steven M
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    Exactly the point I was making in the previous post. Like I said, I know how subsidies work and normally wouldn't expect them to budge on it. BUT, when they do something for some it looks best when they do it for all. I already explained why I think they did it last year a couple of posts up.

  • iPhoneHacks
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    I guess we will know when its available as Apple doesn't provide those
    details. We will let you know as soon as we get any information as we are
    quite keen to find out as well.

  • iPhoneHacks
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    Hey Ron,

    Thanks for commenting.

    I don't think the information here is wrong, the price that you see on the
    Apple/AT&T site is the price you will have to pay on eligibility date
    (august 25th). It won't reduce on that date as you would have finished only
    a year of your two-year contract.

  • Armanius
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    yes, its without contract!

  • Tristan
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    Which bit of subsidised do people not understand? The higher price for existing users is to pay for the iPhone you've already got but haven't fully paid for.

  • Keith
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    I've been an att/cingular customer for 20 or so years. As soon as verizon gets the iphone, I'll be switching. I'm tired of att's bs over the iphone. It shouldn't be any different than any other phone. Why do we have to pay more for a plan? Other att phones have just as much capability. Why can't they support mms? Every other att phone has mms capability! I think it's ridiculous, and I won't pay a premium to upgrade! I'll wait till I can drop att and switch! Thanks att!!!!!

  • Gus
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    Is it locked to same Carrier only, or factory unlocked?

  • Punk_Poet
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    faster ram and processer would be great but I love my iPhone now and canlive with it for one more year. Maybe by then the new iPhone for 2010 will me with a better phone company and I can just switch carriers. Just imagine how much plan prices would drop if ATT and verizion both sold the iPhone. I am mad however that ATT wasn't on the list for tethering and we won't get mms till later this summer if it even happens. Also I can't wait to see all of the new jailbroken apps for this firmware. I'm sure that although apple has made some great changes we will also see some great things comming from the deb repos in cydia.

    Going back to pricing I think havin the $99 iPhone 3g was a great move and tyt alone willdraw in more customers towards apple and there many great products.

  • Steveo
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    It doesn't matter a whole lot to me because I still have a 1st gen iphone, so I am looking forward to getting the 3GS 32GB for only $299. Its a nice upgrade for us 1st gen users.

  • Louis
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    was gonna buy one but not at those prices. There's the 1G, 2G and the 3Gs.
    How many Gs will it cost to run the iphone in the economy?

  • xnetcrash
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    If I were you I would consider taking some English classes or at least spell the hole words, it would make it easier to read if you got something to say. Thank you

  • Gaurav Dua
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    I live in India and bought my iPhone 3G 16GB here which is priced at $900. Spare a thought about me.. :P

  • dave
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    The first iPhone was not subsidized, so any one who purchased it, contract or not, paid the same amount through at&t or Apple. Also, if you had purchased the original iPhone you automatically qualified for the fully discounted price for the iPhone 3G because at&t never discounted a phone for you when you bought the original iPhone. It sounds like you where given incorrect info and overpaid for your 3G iPhone.

    Now with the 3GS you will have to pay $200 more than a new cust or a cust who has completed enough of their contract to get the full discount, BUT by signing a new contract at&t is STILL giving you a $200 dollar discount over any cust who wants to buy the new 3GS without a contract. The reason for this is that with a new 2 year contract on the 3GS at&t will forgive the rest of your old contract, up to 18 months worth (It has to be at least 6 months since your last upgrade before at&t will even let you get the $200 discount)

    To me this discount structure seams to be completely fair. These devices are powerful little mini computers that are worth the $600 bucks with no contract so for at&t to fork out $400 bucks on your behalf in exchange for a 2 year contract or $200 for a six month to 18 month contract seems awfully generous especially compared to the discounts that any other carrier gives on any other phone.

  • Matt B
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    Everyone is looking for a free ride. This article explains the situation great. I am an original iPhone owner and the phone has been reliable for me for 2 years now, I love it. I have pre-ordered the 3G S and they are making me pay the $30 data plan instead of the $20 original one but I think a 2-year lifespan of a phone is a good model. Existing 3G users will get 90% of the new phone's functionality with a FREE update. I would hang tight, wait until your contract gets to 18 months and often AT&T will allow you an early discounted upgrade to keep you as a client. It's a fair situation.

  • Erasmus
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    Maybe it's time to give the Palm Pre a try. Besides, Sprint's data network is quite a bit faster than AT&T's.

    I have a data card from Sprint and the Internet connectivity is quite fast almost anywhere I've tried it.

  • Nate
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    I have never seen so many cry babies in my life!! Seriously, the pricing is fair. It's the same **** any other phone company would give you. I came to att upset to leave t-mobile, but after 9 months I realize there has been no difference in service, pricing, or anything. I got my discount full on my 3g iPhone. Why should I get another full discount so soon?! It's my fault (as it is yours) that a 3g was purchased out of want rather than waiting for the new "next gen" phone. AT&T has been fine. And "**** apple"!?!? Please grow up for a moment and realize that without apple, we'd still be pissed that our flip phone keeps breaking or our blackberry has a memory leak and keeps wiping the phone out. Shut up and pay up. Or please, go to verizon and move on. Thank you iPhone hacks, AT&T, and APPLE! Man.

  • Trini4life
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    I have to say that a portion of your comment I don't agree with. The pricing is not "fair"! You are right in terms of the iPhone 2G. But when it comes down to the situation arising from the pricing of the 3Gs for existing customers, it's really shows a lack of commitment! I understand that they are a company and that they have to seek their own interest but that's no reason to basically overprice the phone. We all understand that these are arguably the most advanced mobile devices in existence.

    In essence, it comes down to seeking the best interest of the customer. Last year, when the 3G was announced, they were able to price it as they did because of the cost per unit. it cost less than $153 to produce each unit, but they sold the for $199 for an 8G and $299 for a 16G. Which goes to show that they are more than capable of providing the phones at a more reasonable price. Apple and AT&T are both making a killing on the iPhone and the plans/existing contracts respectively. My average phone bill is 180$ for two lines with iPhone 3G. It's $30 per line for the Data Plan, $30 for the messaging plan. That's $90 before even counting your voice plan. I believe that there is something both Apple and AT&T can do for their existing customers/iPhone users to upgrade to the new iPhone without paying between $399 to $699 to get the phone. Not to mention you still have to sign a new two year contract on top of paying that price!

  • STEE
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    I think the new iphone is expensive

    compared to the iphone 3G and i am not getting it. Plus i am locked in an 18 month contract with the iphone 3G. when apple annouced the iphone 3G (not 3GS), They releases two model a low end 8GB and top end 16GB, The 8gb was free on a £45 contract 18 month with O2 (UK) and the top end 16gb model was £60. Now with the iphone 3GS again there are two models but now the low end 16gb model cost £87 more than the current 16gb 3G model and the top end model costs £175 on the same £45, 18 month contract with O2.