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    Popular iPhone Ringtone App "SendSong" Works with iPhone OS v1.1.1 Now

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imagePopular iPhone Ringtone App "SendSong" Works with iPhone OS v1.1.1 Now

    When I had written an article which covered all the iPhone Apps that helped you add custom ringtones to your iPhone rather than paying Apple the additional 99c to add a song as a ringtone, surprisingly more than 15% of the readers of iPhone Hacks who took the poll on...

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    • mikemike Posts: 489
      via Wordpress

      Rumor has it that Nullriver is about to update. I have read all the links and news at TUAW. IT HAS BEEN INDICATED at the Nullriver link that no hacks or jailbreak is not needed to install the Installer Apps. Although no date was posted regarding the installation wss not found at the site. I am confused because i thought to install third party applications we need to jailbreak it. According to the rumor at TUAW that the update could be available today or soon. Please shine a light on this one. Would love to install the 3rd party applications on my virgin iphone with the firmware 1.1.1 without having to jailbreak it. Please provide answers to my questions on these Nullriver upcoming update. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

    • KevinKevin Posts: 154
      via Wordpress

      Well, actually, you CAN use other files than .m4a for ringtones.

      I have all mp3 files on my iPhone, I have about 10 of them as ringtones.

    • turkturk Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      i have jailbreaked my phone but how do i put the program onto my phone. i have gotten the installer app on my phone by using the newest jailbreak method by going to

    • RichardRichard Posts: 141
      via Wordpress

      once you download the installer app. download the community app. than look for sendsong through the new folders.

    • RichardRichard Posts: 141
      via Wordpress

      does anyone else lose all there ringtones when they sync to itunes

    • WilliamWilliam Posts: 36
      via Wordpress

      never could get this one to work. I can send it to ringtones but the ringtone never works. what am I missing???

    • steve osteve o Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I install sendsong but when i try to open it just pulls up a white screen then closes and goes back to the spring board

    • Phil NolanPhil Nolan Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      "when i try to open it just pulls up a white screen then closes and goes back to the spring board"

      You need to install BSD Subsystem, that will fix it.

    • DezDez Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I have got send song to send an m4a file to the ringtones section of itunes and it will play the tune in both send song and also in the ipod section on the iphone, but when I ring the iphone from another mobile or landline number with the tune set as default and also as the dialers ringtone, it never plays the tune, it reverts to the 'marimba' ringtone ecerytime. What am I missing??? Can anyone help?

      Dez ( new iphone owner )

    • akshayakshay Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      I experienced the same problem that the above poster did... except I sent an mp3 file as a ringtone. It went through and showed up in the Ringtones section, but whenever I tried calling it would play the Marimba ringtone. I rebooted the iPhone and that seemed to solve the problem though... it plays my ringtone now.

    • MatMat Posts: 15
      via Wordpress

      The song sender works it goes to the ringtone and u can c it on the list but if u set as a ringtone it won't ring. Does anyone know y?

    • Pramodh.N.PPramodh.N.P Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      thank you very much.

    • DanteDante Posts: 4
      via Wordpress

      yea all u have 2 do is after u send it 2 the ringtone section and select it as ur ringtone just reboot the iphone and it should work...hehehe i had the same prob and a friend helped me out. One question i do have is how does the "share" function of send song work? i dont even have 1 clue as to how it works anyone know how to use it or got any ideas? thanks

    • Mo FoMo Fo Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Reboot the iPhone and the ringtone works!

    • tpdantpdan Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I had the same problems that several people list here but my problems were with custom sounds that I created. They wouldn't show up in the ringtones section at all. But, when I went into itunes and entered into the info section of the song and put in the artist name, album title and the track number it showed up and worked just fine. The info you put in doesn't have to be accurate, just put anything in those fields...I did and it works great. Try it and see if that helps.

    • rns-sdrns-sd Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I also get a white screen on startup and I have BSD Subsystem installed. I installed using Cydia.

    • AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
      via Wordpress

      I have got the sendsong app - to start it went to the default ring tone - I rebooted and now it says on my personal ringtone but it doesn't make any sound I have tried rebooting again but no joy - can anyone shed any light please?

    • MarkMark Posts: 267
      via Wordpress

      Wow! Finally something easy and simple. All I wanted to do was to set my ring tone to a song on my iPhone and this was it :) Thanks again!

    • OliverOliver Posts: 7
      via Wordpress

      heeeelp. i've tried rebooting my pc several times but my ringtone doesnt seem to work. waaaah!

    • ScottScott Posts: 164
      via Wordpress

      i ve just got a iphone and trying to get a ringtone on the dam thing,all this info on different apps is mind bending and all i want is a simple step by step idiot proof way of doing it or some1 to talk me through it

    • via Wordpress

      i have cydia too but i couldnt find SENDSONG app..please tell me how to install SENDSONG app. im using 3Gs

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