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    Jaibreak and Unlock iPhone 3GS Status Report



    • ZedSefiZedSefi Posts: 130
      via Wordpress

      There is a high chance that Apple will block the signatures on FW 3.1 so you should prepare yourself and get your own signature now if possible. I believe that DevTeam will require this file to be added as part of the jailbreak process and unfortunately no other signature file will work except the one associated with your iPhone. If you ignore getting the sig file now it may not become possible to know this info later on 3.1, assuming that the code necessary to deal with the certificate could not work when Apple will update the firmware so you will have no way to know what iBSS your device is capable to negotiate with Apple's server.

    • ZedSefiZedSefi Posts: 130
      via Wordpress

      The process is completely harmless and you can reboot your iPhone normally after you finish. I did this and it did not take more than three minutes from me.

    • ChikenChiken Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      but...but... :'( hurt my feelings. i'm gonna lock my self in my room and watch repeats of M*A*S*H* and eat "cherry garcia" until you apologize

    • KunalKunal Posts: 16
      via Wordpress

      Ok, last question =P

      Should i be getting the ECID, the iBSS or the iBEC? im pretty confused to which one will help me in the future for the jailbreak and unlock.
      Next thing, Geohot just tweeted about the jailbreak, apparently, he has released it. So if the jailbreak is out...can I unlock it now? or will I have to wait for an ultrasn0w update?

    • via Wordpress

      I found a way to jailbreak the iphone 3GS now. Go here

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