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    Mac OS X Leopard: Notes syncing coming to the iPhone (confirmed)

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageMac OS X Leopard: Notes syncing coming to the iPhone (confirmed)

    In my last article on iPhone tips & tricks I had provided a crude workaround to sync notes from your iPhone. You will soon have a better way to do this. Reason: Apple has announced today that the much awaited Mac OS X Leopard will be arriving on October 26th...

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    • UI GuyUI Guy Posts: 2
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      For those who are waiting for these updates, check out alternative iPhone Notes Applications: to find which notes based applications you might consider using. Some of them have offline capabilities, or optimized user interfaces worth checking out.

    • Mark KamoskiMark Kamoski Posts: 1
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      Ug. Obviously, this did NOT happen. I am using Windows XP and iTunes and iPhone and Notes do not sync. That is NOT good for me. Why in the world Apple cannot sync a set of plain-text file and stuff them somewhere in the iTunes hive is a mystery that makes one's head spin. Really bad. This is why, despite liking the iPhone a lot, it is still a "kiddie oriented, fun phone that leaves business users wanting for more". No spreadsheet app. No word processor app. No etc, etc. Just a shame. Let's go, Apple-- we have enough "touch-based games"-- let's see if we can crank out a simple productivity app or 2 someday soon. Ug. Please-- prove me wrong-- show me the word processor that syncs and allows editing on the desktop and the iphone. Just hook Yahoo Mail's notes app for crying out cornflakes. It is JUST text. -- Mark Kamoski

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