Apple: Jailbreaking iPhone could lead to Major Network Disruptions



  • Wtf
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    Who Gives a F? Are they going to go arrest me and everyone who has Jailbroken their Iphone? get bent apple. seriously a cell phone without mms? Lame!

  • Warren
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    You fork out big bucks for a piece of hardware. It's yours. If you buy a car and the shop say you can't put in a different stereo or a different engine block you would tell them to get nicked. You can't put an extension on your home because it alters the architects original design. Get real apple.

  • Bob
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    ohk so seriously jailbreaking is a choice
    and if people take that apple should not be able to sue or watevs but wen ther fone breaks it shud on the person not apple so therefor voiding the warranty
    anyway apple is a pure case of capitalism

  • nick
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    This is crazy, I buy the phone I'll do what I please with it. I'd say 50+% of people who have iphones have them jailbroken. Thats whats made it so popular, not jailbreaking is like buying a Ferrari and obeying the speed limit.

  • Mikey
    Mikey Posts: 24
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    I'm with all of you. Your arguments are all valid except for taking down the network. I'm an ex phone co Comm Tech. I really don't see that because there is too much redundancy built in. As for jailbreaking I'm all for it. Apple is being a horses ass. They just want to control everyone like the rest of the big businesses. I say whatever Apple can do to the iphone can be undone by the wonderful programmers who dreamt up the programs to jailbreak our iphones so we can put our own individuallity into them. Long live the coders.

  • PsychoKiller
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    if there is not a jailbreak i am sure that every one don't buy iphone, i give you example i dont buy ipod touch 3g til the jailbreak are relese . tnk you dev-team

  • Jane Dough
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    I have an iPhone that has no contract. I moved to Guam, U.S.A. where there is no vendor for AT&T or Apple. Can't use the dang phone without unlocking or jailbreaking. Everyone that has one here paid $1100 for a factory unlock from neighboring Hong Kong. What's a girl to do? I should have a right to a factory unlock since Apple/ATT has no resources but ATT said no way... Suck eggs.