Will Apple Approve Streaming Music Service Spotify's iPhone App?

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imageWill Apple Approve Streaming Music Service Spotify's iPhone App?

Streaming music service Spotify has submitted their iPhone App to the App Store for approval. If approved, it would bring more than 6 million songs on-demand, giving you the ability to create and save ordered playlists of songs, and it will also allow you to save your favorite songs offline...

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  • zorro
    zorro Posts: 12
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    This will be the one which decides if I get another iPhone when this contract expires...

  • Allards
    Allards Posts: 0
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    Well if Apple rejects this one, i will not buy another iPhone anymore. GV is already rejected, no Spotify means i will wait for it to appear for Android eventually moving to a Android phone.

    I guess in the meanwhile Cydia will help us out... :)

  • Wuzly
    Wuzly Posts: 1
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    If the spotify app was approved, then it may take away some of the itunes market share.

  • gnozu
    gnozu Posts: 1
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    Apple would be stupid to reject a Spotify app. The increased revenue from sales of handsets and general killer-app profile would surely offset any possible loss in sales through iTunes.
    After all, Spotify only works when not running any other apps, and isn't exactly ideal on-the-move. iPod will remain the best way to listen to uninterrupted music on an iPhone.

    And is it outside the realms of possibility for Spotify to do a download deal with Apple in much the way they've done with 7digital?

  • Thomas
    Thomas Posts: 125
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    If approved, I'm heading straight to the Applestore for an iPhone 3GS. If not, HTC with android - which soon will have Spotify.