Dev Team: iTunes 9 is Safe But iPhone Unlockers Should Avoid iPhone OS 3.1



  • iPhoneHacks
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    Yeah, you should always remove the iPhone apps from the folders created
    using the Categories app before you upgrade to the new iPhone OS. You don't
    end up losing the apps, it is just that the app icons are hidden. There are
    ways to unhide them but you are better off taking this preventive measure to
    avoid hitting issues.

  • mbhullar
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    You should be able to downgrade from 3.1 to 3.0, however, your firmware for the modem will not be downgraded. I'm assuming you don't care about that.

  • pradeep
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    i bought an unlocked iphone 3gs with os 3.0... i oly jailbroken it and had no need of unlocking it... so if i upgrade to os 3.1, wud i hav a problem with using a different simcard... also wud i be able to only jailbreak in future ...??

  • Bob
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    just FYI. i don't know what everybody else does but once in a while i mess around with files on my iphone and i use application called iPhone browser

    Anyway, after installing iTunes 9 my iPhone browser software stopped working. had to downgrade iTunes and now everything back to normal

  • Alex
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    Por favor, actualice mi iphone 3g 16g con el itunes y me puso el firmware 05.11.07, estaba desbloqueado ahora no puedo hacer nada con el.

    ayuda para colocar el 3.0 y el firmware original que no lo se tampoco.

    para venezuela.

    [email protected]

  • Khoality
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    To iPhoneHacks & those who could help:

    I need serious help.
    I bought my iPhone 3GS recently, which was JailBroken and Unlocked. After a week or so, my phone slowly stopped receiving calls but I could still make calls. About two days ago, I decided to restore to factory settings to unlock and jailbreak again to try to fix the problem. When I tried to restore, it said that my "device was not eligible." Now my iPhone is stuck in recovery mode I believe, with the USB icon to connect to Itunes screen. I think the only way to restore it now is to restore it on 3.1, which I don't want to do since there isn't an unlock. Is there any way to get around this so that it restores back to 3.0.1 (I tried QuickPWN but it did not open and pressing sift at restore which game me the message)? Any help or input would be great. Thanks.

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    thanks for the info

  • VR
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    I updated coz i got my 3gs and had to to alow it to function hat can i do?

  • Louie Dee
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    Hi i have recently bought an iPhone 3g for £100 it was jailbroke and unlocked but the top sleep button stopped working so me trying to be a hero read up and it stated upgrade.. so i put in that mode.. and upgraded it and then it wernt unlocked or jailbroke... so.. i decided to try myself and successfully jailbroke it but not unlocked... now all i have is a ipodtouch... but.. now that its jailbroke it wont work even with an o2 simcard.. :S is there ANYTHING i can do? and ive tried some program but my iPohne is not one of the first 3g ones so i cant even do that? PLEASE HELP ME ir give me some indication as to when i might be able to use it as a phone.. like by christmas?? also... as in the UK other network providers are taking over so does that mean that o2 will unlock it at a cost? THANKS LOUIE PLEASE REPLY [email protected] THANK LOUIIE