iPhone OS 3.1 Problems: Random Shutdown, Poor Battery Life, Bricked iPhone, Slow Performance



  • Wolverinemarky
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    wow glad my computer is down at the moment and I cant upgrade to 3.1 and dont have a bricked phone

  • infiltrator
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    Hello everybody,
    I upgraded my iphone to 3.1 just as the firmware appeared. besides the problems mentioned in the article I have a strange one with my wireless. When I wake my phone from sleep mode and I launch safari or any other app that uses wireless is not loading the data from the first time. I have to stop loading or quit the app and then resume.
    This is the worst update ever.
    I have iphone 3g not jailbreaked yet.

  • Douceswild
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    I'm experiencing most of those issues, mainly the slowdown in performance and battery life. Another issue you might want to add that I'm having along with many others (after some reasearch), the keyboard clicking is muffled now. When typing a text or email (or any text)the clicking is significantly lower than before.

  • Eddie
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    You can still download the 3.0.1 software from another site, I did, don't remember where though. I just Googled for it.

  • Carsten
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    Another bug with OS 3.1 / itunes 9: smart playlists are screwed up in iTunes during sync, resulting in showing completely different files in some conditions or a wrong sorting order in other sitations. Really annoying for podcast playlists!

    I experienced worse battery life and a random shutdown as well.

  • junixG
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    i have a 3gs and im using vista. i had the same problems with os 3.1.
    i restored via itunes then set the auto lock to 2 minutes. i've had only 1 auto shutdown in the last 48 hours.

  • anold
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    i have a 3g and its working good... even though i cant unlock it anymore 8(

  • arnold
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    syncing is slower though..... really slow.

  • mik@mik.com
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    me too!!!! hello apple-bums wake up and release an update and bugs fix... my iPhone has a PC-like symptoms...

  • Charles
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    Yep, Poor battery life. Also seem to loose my carrier. Can't make or receive calls, don't receive text messages. Hoping for a quick release of 3.2

  • Richard
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    Yes, I am seeing the random shutdown on my O2 3G since the 3.1 upgrade. I upgraded 3 days ago and its done the shutdown each day - during night so not even noticed until the morning.

    Not seeing the speed issue or the battery problem.

  • karl
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    theyll probly just release 3.1.01 which will fix these issuies or something then theyll make a jailbreak and unlock for that so if you ask me theres no point in upgrading.

  • itheemperor
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    lis1ric i was having the same issue with GPS No signal at all, so i charged the battery to its maximum and then opened copilot live it ill say determining position just left it like that for a couple of hours and when i came back GPS was connected try this but am not an expert its just my experience which happened accidently. take care

  • me
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    Apple is gay. My phone was stuck in recovery mode for a day. Had to be replaced at the Apple store. The phone they replaced it with erased my music files evey time I opened it.

    Apple sucks, and so do y'all!

  • John
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    Yup. Add me to the list of those experiencing all those problems except for the bricked phone. Random shut down, slow, and a noticeable decline in battery life are all problems though.

  • Steveo
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    I have a 3GS and experienced random shut offs a couple times yesterday, and the battery life diminished very quickly. Also happened to a co-worker of mine with a 3G. Definitely a 3.1 bug!

    We get an update next friday to enable mms, so hopefully that update will also fix these problems.

  • CheeseEater
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    I think the shutdowns (yes, I am having them also) are not from Apple, but from AT&T to increase their available network capacity (fewer phones on the network at any 1 time).
    The decreased battery life is caused by the United Nations leaching power from our phones to combat global warming. I use the battery meter as an egg timer now, from 100 to 0 is just about right to get a perfect egg every time.

  • Yuriy
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    mine 3G and also slower, was shutting down yesterday at 1:25AM

  • Yuriy
    Yuriy Posts: 8
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    also just because i was reading news in my 3G in half hour i 50% less battery - extremely fast.....

  • Christopher
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    Glad I did not upgrade and still working Fine!!

  • Chase
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    Updated a week ago and have NO problems!

  • Yuval
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    My 3G became sloooooooow, it hangs all the time, it's terrible !

  • Dr Puttingham
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    I "upgraded" my developer's 3.1 to the officail and accidently let it do a restore. (I always do a fresh install) Noticed that my battery discharged to empty while driving, with it connected to the car charger. As it's over a year old I figured that my battery was dying. Bought a replacement battery but decided to reflash while waiting. Instantly battery issue went away. Actually the battery's lasting much longer than before, without any charging during the day. Go figure....

  • This problem seem to be common. My 3gs iphone did that once and because I'd known of this issues, i did not upgrade my firmware.

  • 2221
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    Im trying to turn on the OS 3.1, THE SYSTEM IS DEAD.... HELP!!!!!!

  • Christian
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    good thing i decided to read up on 3.1 before updating. but as for the slower response issue, i have had similar problems for a while since i bought my 3gs. never really thought much about it, but it does tend to get annoying. any solutions?

  • madmatter
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    ...same shutdown issue is happening with me. Having to do hard reboots approximately every other day...and locks up. Fix this Apple.

  • Bob
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    Something is up with Apple. I got my iPhone in Japan and have been living with 3.0 with no problems. But now when I read this and the other comments I remember I singed some paper when I first signed up last month that said something in English saying that the phone company (Softbank) was not responsible for firmware upgrades and any update you did will not be covered under warranty at your own risk. It's almost like they knew in the future or in the past from firmware upgrades that this was going to be a nightmare. So they warned users flat out front. Either Apple knows that the firmware is crap and put new versions out in time for the PR bukake just too keep investors happy or they have no clue what is wrong with each run of iphones from China (but "designed in California" please blow me) hence why no one can pin point why these problems are so random over many iphones.

    I'm not going to upgrade. As there's some old sayings. If it ain't broke why fix it? Yes why upgrade if the phone works. I don't need mms or video editing fix. I need a phone that will work before I had to terminate my contract as google will have a good phone in 2 years I hope?!

  • Austin TX
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    I get the same on my 3G. maybe every other day, black screen couple of minutes later apple comes back. I'm also getting far more dropped calls and odd no signals.

    Have Apple lost it or what; this company feels more like Microsoft every day!!!

  • haytham
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    i have the same problem my iphone go in coma