iTwinge - BlackBerry-Style QWERTY Keyboard for iPhone

Andy Posts: 1,127
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imageiTwinge - BlackBerry-Style QWERTY Keyboard for iPhone

If you are one of those BlackBerry souls who had recently migrated to iPhone and found the touchscreen a tad too difficult to negotiate, here is something that will get you nostalgic. Mobile Mechatronics, a Toronto based company has launched iTwinge, a physical keyboard that you may tug on to...

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  • Alessandro
    Alessandro Posts: 12
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    A really smart thing to do... First, you buy a touchscreen phone. Then you buy a keyboard for it. -.-"

  • Nukie
    Nukie Posts: 28
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    Ooooh. Next they'll come out with a hand held receiver and a rotary dialer to help you make calls.

    The ability to use the horizontal touchscreen since 3.0 pretty much has solved any typing problems I might have had with the vertical touchscreen. I'll spend my money on 30 99 cent apps instead.

  • Abel Goddard
    Abel Goddard Posts: 71
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    I've never minded the vertical keyboard, and don't even like the landscape keyboard. And I'd never buy a physical one.

  • Josh
    Josh Posts: 265
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    I wouldn't use it, but I think it is a good idea and there's a market for it. I could definitely see businessmen carrying it around, and attaching it to their iphone when they need to send a long e-mail.

  • Punk_Poet
    Punk_Poet Posts: 66
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    Wast of money to me. And it really takes away from the look of the iPhone. That pluses when your not using it then that something extra that you have to keep in your pocket

  • sannexus
    sannexus Posts: 4
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    Can it comes with a extra battery? then I might consider...

  • Chasten
    Chasten Posts: 1
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    You upgrade to an iPhone from a Wackberry & then downgrade your iPhone to add a keyboard? Ummm...why not just go back to a Wackberry? This was a horrible idea.

  • Daniel
    Daniel Posts: 173
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    i cant understand why so many people dont like this idea? This is awesome! I want it now. Typing on the iphone sucks big time.

  • Hui
    Hui Posts: 9
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    I think it's personal preference. I myself, found that typing on an iphone touchscreen keyboard is much easier than having the physical ones like blackberry's.

  • Brad
    Brad Posts: 54
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    How do you use the phone with this thing covering the bottom part of the screen? I've always thought it would be cool to have a physical keyboard, but I would expect it to hang below the unit. Still, I like the convenience of the horizontal keyboard and I can really fly on that.

  • dave
    dave Posts: 389
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    we just got the lanscape keyboard... This must have been invented during OS 2.0

  • tim
    tim Posts: 173
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    Like others I think this is pointless. I see the advantage of a full sized physical keyboard because as a touch typist I can manage speeds of 50-75 words per minute. On an onscreen keyboard I timed myself at around 20 wpm with errors (yes, with errors, autocorrect isn't going to help me if I type 'tome' instead of 'time', 'gears' instead of 'hears' or 'gong' instead of 'going') but having a hardware keyboard the same size as the onscreen one and that obscures the screen MORE seems completely pointless.