Dev Team Working on PwnageTool to Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1



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    hey, i just bought Iphone 3gs 16gb, by accidentally, i reset all setting and erase all data on iphone, it took for a while to restore then i pluged it in pc and try to restore it to OS 3.0 by itune on last friday (i though that could be faster than reset it by itself) . and apple did not allow me to restore it to 3.0 or 3.0.1, now my iphone like a cool piece of metal, does anyone can help me to restore to 3.0 or i have to keep that death iphone until dev team release a new tool to jailbreak and unlock os 3.1, please your ideas could be a help !!!

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    I don't understand what the point of working on a PwnageTool is if it only works with Macs? How about just working on RedSn0w since it works on both Macs and PCs? Is the PwnageTool some kind of software needed to then take that and create a version for Windows? I mean why work twice as hard? Anyway best of luck to the Dev Team.

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    i believe the whole point is that poonagetool allows for the IPSW file to be modified and THEN flashed to the phone. meaning that poonagetool is able to pick and choose and extract only the software update from the 3.1 IPSW and not the baseband update. redsn0w on the other hand doesnt update your phone but only jailbreaks it. unlocking the 3G or the 3Gs(hit) has nothing to do with poonagetool or redsn0w.

    unlocking firmware 3.1 will be a piece of cake if we can first jailbreak it.

    and i really don't know why everyone is so worried about this. if firmware update 3.1 didnt come out until a month from now, no one would be PMSing about wanting to install it. theres no rush to upgrade.

    Also, its not like DEV TEAM will not always be ahead of apple and not figure out how to rape the latest firmware and baseband.

    we've all been in the same boat with every firmware and baseband update and just need to be patient with the hacking community.

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    bold should be gone now

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    Sooo many problems tht Appple creates just for a piece of Metal

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    I send a big thanks out to all of you and your efforts on keeping all of us up to date and providing the tools for us to enjoy our iphones!!!! HOORAY!

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    hey guys pls help me out pls post the unlocker for iphone 3gs 3.1