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imagePalm Pre Syncing With iTunes Violation of Policies - USB Implementors Forum

This is a classic case of shooting oneself on the foot. What Palm started as an offensive against Apple has backfired and Palm has turned from playing the victim to be called the culprit in just over a month. In an embarrassing turn of events for Palm, the USB Implementors...

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  • Rcas
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    I'd say Apple has every right to control what can connect to the software it develops. iTunes is free to individuals, since we don't pay for it we really only have the rights that Apple allows us in the user agreement. The iPhone is another thing though because we buy the phone, we're not renting it so we should be free to do as we see fit.

  • Kevin
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    This is starting to sound like the European Union's forceful decision on Microsoft to include all Internet browsers in their windows os. Why does Microsoft have to include other browsers.

    I really hope someone doesn't step in and mandate Apple to open their software!

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    Kevin the EU decision was that MS have to let it's users decide if they WANT to use/have IE or NOT and have nothing to do with other browsers. In other words - let the user chose if IE should be installed or not at OS install time. The same applies to WMP.

    As for Palm - NO they should have not "hacked" / used Apples ID and should have developed an alternative application than iTunes (preferably one that can be used with any device). But at the same time Apple should NOT have the right to limit it's users ability to use iTunes with other devices should they choose to do so - no support for them is understandable.

  • TimW
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    Is there any point in taking a Skoda to a Ferrari dealer??
    If I plugged my electricity cable into my neighbours socket, i'd expect it pulled and a claim of unauthorized use to be filed at some point.
    Palm's are a poor mans device at the best of times anyway

  • hacker555
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    wow, just wow!

    I really really dont get why all of these companies feel they have a right to say that apple is cutting competition. Verizon did it and now Palm did it. WTF, Apple is still a company and everything they develop is still their products. iTunes isnt a univeral right for all computer users. Its a product, and if they decided to charge for it theyd have that right. so for them to say that palm pre phones cant use it is ABSOLUTELY just. Just the same when verizon says its unfair they cant sell iphones is bullshit. GET THE **** OVERYOURSELFS.

    I dont see why apple didnt send out a milicious set of code and kill every pre trying to sync with their program , and just say " hey we straight up said only ipods and iphones are supported".

    PLUS, can anyone really say they own a pre ? i mean honestly who really has one that likes it or cares. I got a chance to look at one, and its honestly such poorly made piece of hardware.

    and to all the blogs out there. STOP RUNNING STORIES ABOUT THE PRE ! you are creating a misconception that people actually like it, or have it for that matter.

  • mike
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    No, Kevin, you are completely wrong on this!
    Microsoft sells Windows for a profit, Apple's iTunes is a free stand alone software. Apple has every right to do this. Why should Apple support all other hardware? If they do, who is going to pay for the support if there is a problem with a cheap $10 MP3 player?
    If people don't like iTunes, don't use it. Go download a copy of the latest Windows media player.

  • John
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    I-tunes is a privilege, not a right. Apple has every right to protect their software and keep hackers from making it do things that it was not intended to do. If you don't like apple's rules, choose a different product/software. Oh right, some did choose the Palm Pre and yet still trying to connect it to an apple software.

    Same with windows and microsoft. Don't like it? Choose a different product, it's a privilege, not a right.

    I love the example of plugging my appliances to a neighbor's outlet. In a sense, this is the same thing taken in a different context.

    I own a civic hybrid, but I want a prius battery, keyless startup, etc into my civic. I'm gonna go to toyota and "force" them to install it for me. Why won't they install it on my honda? Hmm.. Let's go get the government to force them to do it..

    All of this bickering really is annoying. Bottomline, respect the companies who work hard to develop innovative products for us to enjoy. If you don't like the product, get something else.

  • John
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    Because there are many of satisfied customers who do like the product. It doesn't make them brainwashed or idiots, it's just a matter of preference.

  • RandyEP
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