Will Carriers Ever Allow VoIP iPhone Apps Like Skype to Work Over 3G?

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imageWill Carriers Ever Allow VoIP iPhone Apps Like Skype to Work Over 3G?

Skype has had an interesting few months in the recent past. The company is currently in the process of spinning off as an independent entity from its parent, eBay, which acquired Skype back in 2005 for $2.6 billion. The company, valued at close to $2.75 billion, was sold to Silver...

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  • Paul
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    This is already a reality on UK network 3 http://j.mp/1TJqFV

  • ZedSefi
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    With a little pressure, yes.
    I think the world is part of the technology evolution, sooner or later the internet will replace everything and no more mobile phone carriers are going to stop in front of it. Data can be used to call any personal phone in the world and send any text message for free. The only charge you need to pay for is your internet subscription with your ISP. Why do I have to waste a lot of money to call my friends internationally while I can use voice messengers and VOIP for free? The domination of mobile phone carriers must be stopped, for good and forever.

  • Jennifer
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    I think this is already out and being implemented in other countries. With the fast control of technology I guess nothing is impossible.

  • Gustavo
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    while the free use of skype is a very welcomed thing, I can understand how cariers might get frisky at the prospect of giving in to skype or other VoiP programmes. while it is actually free to call from skype to skype, it cost money to do so from skype to lines, be that land or mobile. so, skype is set to profit while the carriers get slammed. I am all for slamming them, but hate to have to pay someone else for the sake of paying simply to use his service which ought to be free. maybe I am not being reasonable here, but that's my take on this skype, truphone and other softwares that want to get a piece of the action. I use it a lot, even on my jailbroken iPhone. it is amazing the amount of money I've saved on trank calls, but still I'm bothered about having to pay someone else for what they say they offer for free.

  • Goran99
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    With LTE there will be an all IP infrastructure. Providers must understand that network access have to be low cost and unlimited. It will be a commodity, of the shelf product. The business is in the services provided. The iPhone gives you a taste of what to come. Look at the RCS V2 standards to understand what the providers will do.

  • H@p.com
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    Robbers will never allow that in Canada. They are as greedy
    as Hell and Anus

  • drvoip
    drvoip Posts: 1
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    Along with canada ....it will not be allowed in germany also

  • Lior
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    Skype (with iSkoot) works fine on Treo 680 runing Palm OS, on ATT netwrok. It isn't 3G but who cares?

    The main issue with this whole thing is that Apple controls the Apps that can run on their iPhone OS and they cooperated with AT&T. But with Palm, no one controls what Apps are written for the OS, so you can run anything you like!
    This Apple is ROTTEN... if it wasn't for Apple, you would have had Skype on iPhone in no time.