Snapture - Popular Camera iPhone App for Jailbroken iPhone Now Available on App Store

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imageSnapture - Popular Camera iPhone App for Jailbroken iPhone Now Available on App Store

One of the few things that is certainly not cool about an iPhone is the camera. We had earlier talked about iPhone apps that helped you in improving your photography experience. One of the most popular apps, Snapture though was available only to users who had jailbroken their iPhones. Today,...

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  • iconoclast
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    so, if you already paid $7.99 for snapture, now you'll need to pay apple an additional $1.99 if you want to continue to get future app updates to snapture?

  • iPhoneHacks
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    We checked with the good folks at Snapture about your question and they've promptly responded with the following comment:

    We are always going to do what's best for our customers, but unfortunately AppStore is out of our control.

    Apple has only given us 50 coupons for the press, that won't suffice for our jailbreak customers even if we wanted to give it to them.

    But rest assured that we're going to do everything we can for our loyal customers over. The team is figuring out how we can help our old customers. We will let you know soon.

  • Pennywaltz
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    didn't apple has a policy that if your app was offer elsewhere (i.e cydia), it can not be approved for the app store...

    I strictly remember this since GV Mobile was rejected the first time due to that reasoning... but the developer fought and got it through... till recently..

    Typical Apple, being two faced

  • Brandon
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    I've never heard of that policy...though I guess I could be wrong...but what about all the apps that are on the app store that are also on Android Market, and the other smart phone's app stores?
    (Facebook, Pandora, Myspace, etc. )

  • iPhoneHacks
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    Agree with pennywaltz, we've haven't heard of such a policy.

    In fact, quite a few iPhone apps were first available on jailbroken iPhone.

  • Joe Chang
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    This app totally kicks ass. I just bought it. It's definitely 5 stars.

  • angie
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    The only problem is requires 3.1 firmware to be bought on app store!!!!

  • Sergeant Spam
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    I'm not crazy about the save mechanism, but I suppose I'll get used to it.

    I previously purchased / used the jb version of Snapture and am interested to see if I get any communication regarding this version.

    IIRC, there were some color options in the app - like taking BW or sepia photos, and maybe some other stuff - it's been so long since I went legit that I don't remember.

    I'm excited to get this back and so far very pleased with how it runs!

  • Wolverinemarky
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    Well that sucks seeing as I already have snapture and has used it for the last year so no more updates till I get the app store version. I hope they don't forget about us loyal customers

  • ZedSefi
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    Same problem. You cannot buy it on the iPhone because it requires OS 3.1 and I am still using OS 3.0 but I went to iTunes on my PC and successfully purchased the app. I know that I cannot use it until I upgrade to 3.1 but I chose to buy it now because the new selling offer is having a 75% discount which is pretty generous :)