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    Gmail's iPhone Web App Gets Two New Features: 'Move' & 'Enhanced Refresh'

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageGmail's iPhone Web App Gets Two New Features: 'Move' & 'Enhanced Refresh'

    I hope you’re enjoying the Push Gmail feature that Google released earlier in the week. But that was not the only thing that Google released for iPhone users last week. If you prefer Gmail’s iPhone web app over iPhone’s native Mail app like I do then you might have noticed...

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    • MartinMartin Posts: 53
      via Wordpress

      I would have much preferred that they devoted their effort to making the images in the e-mail show up. I still use the old version (which doesn't have that bug), because without images most e-mails don't make sense.

    • k.rockk.rock Posts: 13
      via Wordpress

      I don't get to enjoy the push feature, because I already have an exchange server connected, so I just use imap with featching. Can you use push with imap? Did I miss something?

    • MetturMettur Posts: 6
      via Wordpress

      I attempted the latest exchange sync for gmail. But it seems to be slow compared to imap for the gmail. So I went back to IMAP.

      As for web application, I would like to see GMail provide one important feature available on the PC/Desktop. It is the ability to send mail from multiple accounts (email accounts). Currently I have set up multiple IMAP account on my iPhone, only reason for that is to provide the ability to send mail from different account.

      I get all my mails forwarded to one GMail account. In the PC/Desktop, when I reply, the reply goes out from the account that received the mail. But there is no such capability in iPhone. So I have set up multiple native mail accounts and do it manually.

    • LeeLee Posts: 153
      via Wordpress

      I much prefer gmails web app as well. What I use is a shortcut to gmail on my main iPhone dock, with the "gpush" app right above it on the main screen. Gpush had a shaky start but has been working perfect fore since

    • LeeLee Posts: 153
      via Wordpress

      I also replied to the wrong post.. Oops.

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress

      Yeah that's an option. You can call me paranoid but I don't like the idea of giving third party iPhone apps login details of my gmail account.

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