New Hacks Enable MMS on iPhone 2G and Tethering Feature on iPhone OS 3.1.2



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    Have you actually done this successfully? I'm pretty certain this isn't working unless you've left something else out. Here is what I've done:

    1. I've used the most recent ipcc file from the 3.1.2 update and used 7zip to extract the carrier.plist file
    2. edited the carrier.plist file with "plist editor for windows" to edit the type-mask
    3. updated the ipcc file by copying the carrier.plist file back in to it using 7zip
    4. reapplied the carrier update file to my iphone using the method listed here:

    These steps result in being able to successfully observe the menu option under General | Network to enable tethering. However, once tethering is switched on and I proceed to go back to my home screen on the phone, tethering does not work. When I go back into the menus, the tethering option in the GUI is gone.

    Are you *sure* this was all you did?

    Thanks for your posts.

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    so basically you don't need musclenerd's guide?

  • Phylop
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    Also working for me!

    After the patch is installed just go to Settings > General > Network from your iPhone and turn it on and you're good to go!


  • Chris
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    Mr Marley. Please email me at [email protected] and I will gladly reply with the full instructions on how I fixed the Tethering/VVM issue.

  • bob marley
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    "Chris" was right. It totally works if you follow the instructions to do the CommPatch then follow the steps I listed (if you're using windows). Both Tethering and VVM work on my iPhone 3G 3.1.2. Thanks for the tips, Chris!

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    Totally works, however, neither Chris or Bob Marley posted full instructions of what really needs to done to have tethering and the voice mail working properly under the same configuration. I use Windows (Vista) so here’s in detail the steps, assuming you already installed the app in Cydia from that allows tethering.
    1)Google and install a free list editor called “plist editor for windows”
    2)Run a search in your PC for a file called “ATT_US.ipcc” (Could be found under C:\Users\******\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Carrier Support) If you don’t locate the file, try an advanced search “everywhere, including non-indexed locations”
    3)Copy this file onto the desktop (I would suggest “copy” not “move” just in case you need to start over and the original file won’t be damaged).
    4)Right click on the file and select open with WinZip.
    5)Browse to Payload/Att_US.bundle/
    6)Extract the file called carrier.plist in the desktop (just drag it).
    7)Open file carrier.plist using the “plist editor for windows” sofware(see step 1)
    8)Towards the bottom you will see



    9)You will change under integer value 4 into -2 (negative two)
    10)Save the edited file.
    11)Drag this file back into the zip archive opened in step 4, into the same location you drag in from initially and replace the original file carrier.plist from the archive with this edited new file.
    12)Close the Winzip and you should now have a updated file “ATT_US.ipcc” on the desktop. (same as the original one, just the file carrier.plist is slightly different).
    13)Update the carrier settings using this this new file. There are different ways to do it, I personally used the method presented here and selected the ATT_US.ipcc saved on the desktop see steps bellow:
    Step 1: Quit iTunes
    Step 2: Press Windows Key + R to open the run dialog. Enter in cmd then click OK
    Step 3: Enter the following command into the Command Prompt window.
    C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe/setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
    Step 4: Connect your iPhone and click to launch iTunes from your Start Menu.
    Step 5: Select your iPhone from the list of devices on the left then hold down the Shift key and click the Check for Updates button.
    Step 6: Now you can now select your att_us.ipcc file on the desktop as it is not greyed out
    14)Not sure if you need to replace the original file found on step 2 with this new one, but probably won’t hurt to do it. Worked without doing so, but I did it anyway.
    15)You may need to reboot.
    16)Now go into settings/general/network and you should have the option to turn on the internet tethering and the vvm won’t be affected.

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    I should say my iPhone is a 3G running on 3.1.2 (7D11) software and 05.11.07 modem firmware and the service provider is obviously ATT.

  • Chris
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    And just in case his instructions were a little too complicated...

    1. Phone must be Jailbroken.

    2. Phone must have 3.1.2 software with latest carrier settings update (5.6) automatically installed through iTunes (let iTunes update it, do not do a manual update)

    3. Must patch CommCenter file per the thread that we are conversing in.

    4. Now for the really detailed part.

    5. You have just enabled your phone to make the tethering option available without it constantly disappearing. You must now activate the tethering menu without affecting VVM.

    6. I see that you are using windows and that may very well be your issue. So try to follow these steps as best as you can and if they do not work, then it must be an operating system issue.

    7. In OSX, (Where this file resides in Windows, I do not know) navigate to [USER]\Library\iTunes\iPhone Carrier Support

    8. In this folder should be your 'ATT_US.ipcc' file. Copy this file out and put it into a new folder (so you can stay organized)

    9. Rename this file as ''. Double click on it, and it should extract a folder named 'Payload'. Go into this folder.

    10. In this folder is a file named 'ATT_US.bundle'. Remove the '.bundle' part so it is just named 'ATT_US'. It should now just magically become a folder (or so it does in OSX)

    11. Within this folder is a file called 'carrier.plist'

    12. I took this file and opened it up in Apples Proprietary plist editor downloadable for free off of apples web site. (I don't think they have a Windows version)

    13. I scrolled down to the 'apn' section and expanded the menu. Under 'apn' there are three different sub-menus labeled '0, 1, and 2'

    14. Under section '2' which has the wap.cingular settings, I changed the 'type-mask' value from (4) to (-2). The plist editor program allows me to view the plist file in xml format. This was the easiest format to be able to change the value.

    15. Once the value is changed you may save changed and exit out of the program.

    16. Take the file ATT_US (that used to be named ATT_US.bundle) and put the '.bundle' part back on it (of course containing the newly edited plist file)

    17. Now this ATT_US.bundle file should be within the folder named 'Payload'.

    18. Take this payload folder and drag and drop it over the '' folder. It should ask you if you want to replace the file named payload within it. SAY YES.

    19. Now take this '' file and rename it back to 'ATT_US.ipcc'

    20. Hooray you now have the altered carrier settings file you needed. Go into iTunes and Option click Update (Alt+Update). This should now make tethering menu active without affecting VVM. I also recommend restarting your phone after these changes.

  • tyler
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    I've installed the hack to get the camera, but i can't seem to find the right carrier settings. I tried updating with a custom carrier setting with no success. Any idea what the settings should be or if i should make a custom carrier file(.ipcc file i think)?!?

    any help would be great.

  • tyler
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    Oh... I have an iPhone 2G running 3.1.2 FYI

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    will this work on the 3gs? i had installed it on my 3gs and had problems with the vvm. can someone just email me the bundle so i can just use it to update?

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    wow thankz..........