Coming Soon: Facebook 3.1 iPhone App With Push Notifications

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imageComing Soon: Facebook 3.1 iPhone App With Push Notifications

The Facebook iPhone app is one of the most widely used applications and there are a couple of quick updates coming to this iPhone app. Joe Hewitt, the developer of the Facebook iPhone app confirmed on his Twitter account the impending release of Facebook 3.03 that will seek to fix...

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  • Yeah, but will it work on 3.0 firmware or is this yet another app that's going to go away if I try to upgrade it...?

  • Navec245
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    LetMeKnow, available in the App store, does a great job handling multiple push notifications. Because you can receive notifications for weather, Twitter, Email, you can select an "interval."

    The interval will pause anywhere between 10 seconds and 1 minute. This gives you a chance to read a notification and see if something important came through that should be accessed.

  • katsuboi21
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    What I would like to see on the app store Facebook is the ability to play video. Kind of annoying to have to go to a desktop to watch one.

    Not sure what it takes to make that possible, but like me, Im sure many will be glad when it arrives.

  • iPhoneHacks
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    The reason you currently can't play videos on the Facebook iPhone app is because the videos are not in H.264 format.

    So Facebook first needs to convert the videos in that format so we can play them.

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    Right now getting facebook updates thru email pushes. Works for me.

  • Egypt
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    Wouldnt you just need the right codec?

    Btw as much as i would like to see push, it would just drain my battery. People who play mobsters would love this but it would freeze up their phone with dozens of notifications.
    But if your really desperate for push, why dont you just setup your phone # to facebook and receive text messages about notifications?