Verizon-Apple Partnership - Could End of Carrier Exclusivity Shoot iPhone Sale Price Up?

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imageVerizon-Apple Partnership - Could End of Carrier Exclusivity Shoot iPhone Sale Price Up?

In the past few days, we have written a lot about the Verizon-Apple relationship and whether or not the two companies will partner. Now in the scenario of the two companies actually partnering, what will become of the AT&T-Apple partnership? According to a note to investors from Broadpoint.Amtech's analyst Brian...

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  • Egypt
    Egypt Posts: 115
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    Crappy service with a cheap iphone or amazing service with an expensive iphone + higher monthly payments?
    As much as i hate AT&T's bad reception, Im gonna have to stick with it because Verizion is pretty dang expensive. The real question is why is AT&T's so terrible and why dont they fix it?!?

  • Opie
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    OOOOh a 4G network. Plus it has to better than a monopoly of exclusivity. More returns for the next stock split by Apple Inc. as their customer base is increased!

  • tonyb
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    I would rather go with tmobile, i hope tmobile will get the iphone in the US they already have it in the UK.

  • NateDawg
    NateDawg Posts: 42
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    If all that said comes true, which I think will, I'm going to end up sticking with AT&T. More people on Verizon= less on AT&T. Less on AT&T = better service. HOPEFULLY. Plus AT&T needs to show us what they have spent all those revenues generated from the iPhone, it seems like they're not doing much AND probably should start when Verizon gets a piece of this deal.

    Being second to get the iphone, i hope Verizon learned from AT&T mistakes. I don't think it will be a repeat since Verizon's network is a lot better prepared to start off with compared to AT&T's three years ago.

  • eclipse3g
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    Being someone who travels by car cross country multiple times per year, the coverage area is far better with Verizon than AT&T. AT&T coverage is limited to pretty much the large urban areas, as soon as you get a short distance from these large areas you are lucky to get even enough signal to make a phone call, while with Verizon there appears to be very few areas where Verizon doesn't have data coverage. AT&T wireless is supported by the iphone revenue but AT&T doesn't seem willing to be add any infrastructure to add to their coverage voids.

    So would I pay more for an iphone on Verizon? YES!!!

  • Dustin
    Dustin Posts: 116
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    Verizon has a lot more 3G coverage. But if you use yor cells data netwok often you could get into trouble. Verzon only allows 5gb of data usage per month. AT&T is still unlimited. I'll stick with AT&T for now.

  • Dustin
    Dustin Posts: 116
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    Verizon has a lot more 3G coverage. But if you use yor cells data netwok often you could get into trouble. Verzon only allows 5gb of data usage per month. AT&T is still unlimited. I'll stick with AT&T for now.

  • Phc78
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    Hear in puerto rico at&t has the best coverage , speed , phones and 3G in almost all the island since verizon is now claro the only thing that bugs me is that wen inside a building the signal goes to zero

  • Rick
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    Look what Verizon does to the rest of the phones they have ie, crippling features on the device that you own> What would they do to the IPHONE? I dont think that I would like to turn on my IPHONE and see that gorgeous screen all red!

  • nonoie
    nonoie Posts: 62
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    Verizon is still analog, you can only use your iphone to them....most of the world is GSM, even the third world....AT&T will upgrade their network, easily.....but changing from ANALOG to GSM is more work....let see about that

  • kbtat2
    kbtat2 Posts: 9
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    I can't comment a whole lot about network strength, although where I live and work the signals are great, but last year on vacation we went to Jekyll Island, a tiny island in the Atlantic off the coast of Ga. Everybody else had Verizon, they were all on a family plan, and I had AT&T. I was the only one to have reliable service. Half the time the others couldn't even make a call yet I had 3-5 bars at all times.

  • Wolverinemarky
    Wolverinemarky Posts: 518
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    have verizon and at&t in the area i think i will go with at&t, once you have millions of iphone on Verizon service then there service will get buggy and slow just like AT&T verizons infrastructure isnt what everyone thinks it is. They dont realize the amount of data and bandwidth iPhone users user. I know Im on the internet all the time with mine so I know Im using a lot so I will stay put. if I could get the data cost down to 10 bucks a month I would be happier

  • Cory
    Cory Posts: 8
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    ATT is horrible around where I live. No 3g... maybe 2 bars at any given time etc. Meanwhile, everyone I know on verizon/sprint is at full power.

  • Aaron
    Aaron Posts: 137
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    AT&T only owns rights to about 60% of the country coverage that's why there is very little coverage in some areas around the country. AT&T is in fact in the top 200 markets throughout the United States and nearly all of those with 3G coverage! That's pretty darn good. I'm sure that Apple will tend to go with Verizon being that it could make more money but I have no idea why Verizon would put out negative ads about the iPhone. I mean really? Your trying to work out deals with Apple and you make an adroid add that completely rips it? I don't see the point in that.

  • yes
    yes Posts: 9
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    How can you compare ATT and verizons iphone plans if only 1 of the providers offer the iphone?

  • Brandon
    Brandon Posts: 86
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    AT&T data cap is 5 gigs a month.
    ...not unlimited.

  • belikeike
    belikeike Posts: 4
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    When I first got my iPhone 3G in October 2008, the AT&T folks promised that a 3G network was to be installed the following January in my area. In July I upgraded to a 3GS and was told by a Best Buy rep that a 3G network would be coming soon. When I called AT&T's service center in august to inquire about the 3G network progress I was told they had no immediate plans to install one in my area and after mentioning the word "unlock" I was promptly given a $10/month discount on the $30 data plan as compensation.

    My bottom line: my iPhone is never more than an arms length away from me, but AT&T's customer service and lack of expansion has me considering dumping my iPhone in favor of whatever iPhone lookalike Verizon has coming out next. News of iPhone possibly sharing carriers makes me feel like Christmas has come early!

  • Rana Shahbaz Ahmed
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    I jail broken my iPhone 3G on OS 3.0 and now after some days it is not locating WiFi networks.

    Can anyone help?


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    The iphone is a goliath and I have the 3gs. I had the storm with Verizon and the lack of support that RIM had for that product pissed me owwwffffff! So, I went to At&t. The dropped calls that I have had to endure are painfull and annoying. Try having a business conversation with your artist and you keep having to call back. If Verizon gets the iphone, I will take out a small loan to pay the ETF fees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tBahn
    tBahn Posts: 1
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    AT&T started the iPhone and I'm sure they will not disappoint us soon as the iPhone 5 and 6 come into play. AT&T needs us as customers therefore need us to keep buying up their phones at a good price but everyone is right on the improvements. For all the money I spend on this nice phone I should have 4gb of memory and free mobile hotspot. Also some kind of deals on apps here and there. Many a few iTunes bucks here and there. AT&T doesn't have bad reception in my option it's just they need to add more to make up for the lack of improvement they make from all the money we spend and stayed loyal after verison got the iPhone.