Ripdev - Popular Jailbreak Software Developer Shuts Down

Andy Posts: 1,127
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imageRipdev - Popular Jailbreak Software Developer Shuts Down

Ripdev, one of the earliest names in the iPhone jailbreaking community, the company that is associated with the development of Installer, which is arguably the first iPhone app store, much before Apple's official iPhone App Store came about and before Cydia took over as the leading jailbreak app store has...

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  • so sad
    so sad Posts: 12
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    good riddance to bad rubbish..

    now if the dev team can get their act together we'd all win

  • Shriv
    Shriv Posts: 14
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    how about you try to to jailbreak something. seriously. I bet they are doing the best they can. So just seriously relax.

  • toni
    toni Posts: 17
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    so sad must work directly under steve jobs balls lol

  • TimW
    TimW Posts: 430
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    Used a few of their product from 'Installer' days but not had any bad experiences
    personally, I liked the concept of ICY, it was quicker to install and reload than Cydia and was graphically simple.
    As For them closing their doors for good, I wish them good luck with future ventures, I do hope they remain a part of the iPhone hacking community.
    The future of app freedom remains with the likes of Cydia & Rock, The Devs who spend countless hours tinkering with code, and Us, the end users who refuse to be bound by pointless limitations.
    To RipDev, thankyou for your work, I appreciate your time & effort, but as in life, the old blood gives way to the new, take solace in the fact that you were the JailBreak App ForeFathers.

  • TimW
    TimW Posts: 430
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    Die?? No, but then it may do, but only after your Droid is recycled in the plastic back of a new iPhone. :-)

  • Jason
    Jason Posts: 585
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    I appreciate what Ripdev has done, but there will always be a Ripdev out there and all we need is one. Thanks and goodbye, Ripdev!

  • Drew
    Drew Posts: 23
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    First MxTube and now this!. I have always jailbroken since iPhone 1.0.1 and it will be missed. However I use Cydia and it's hardly any different.

  • karl
    karl Posts: 113
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    its a shame but to be honest no iphones have be able to use installer since 3.0 and anyway cydia is better

  • Christopher
    Christopher Posts: 34
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    I personally like ROCK and CYNDIA. Thanks RipDEV for all the hard work.

  • Jake
    Jake Posts: 62
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    Dam they created it and now their gone it got me stumped on y without them there nigth have not been an app store or a jailbreak at all.I wish them good luck. Well there probably would be a app store but it would take longer and other crap
    a moment of scilence...............................................................................................................................
    Good bye RIP dev