To Partner Or Not To Partner - Verizon CEO Throws Ball Into Apple's Court

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imageTo Partner Or Not To Partner - Verizon CEO Throws Ball Into Apple's Court

After rubbishing the iPhone in the "Droid Does" ad campaign and also taking a direct swipe at iPhone's carrier AT&T earlier, Verizon now seems all ready to work with Cupertino in the future. According to a statement by the CEO of Verizon Communications, Ivan Seidenberg, the ball is entirely in...

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  • Rick
    Rick Posts: 104
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    it will be a big loss to AT&T Verizon have better service

  • Brett
    Brett Posts: 104
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    My contract ends May 17, 2010. So, I'm good either way. I'll switch to Verizon for 4G.

  • jspre
    jspre Posts: 2
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    Verizon, Verizon, Verizon. And don't let me forget to mention...Verizon!

  • Antman
    Antman Posts: 6
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    Verizon will have the same bandwith problems and charge everyone to death

  • tjm
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    Wife is on Verizon with BB and her coverage rivals a WiFi most of the time. My contract ends in 9/2010 and if we can bundle on the carrier and a real "new" iPhone is out, I'm there.

  • KevinCell
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    I will switch back to Verizon as soon as they partner up. I was with Verizon and received much less 3G drop calls.

    iPhone SE -

  • Al_X
    Al_X Posts: 22
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    I agree. Verizon isn't use to having a good phone like the iPhone. They are gonna run into the same bandwith problems in the future

  • Travis Payne
    Travis Payne Posts: 4
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    FML... I just canceled Verizon earlier today to go back to ATT so i could get my beloved iPhone back!

  • MO
    MO Posts: 132
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    Is the droid commercial actually made by verizon? I read around somewhere that it was probably motorola who made it. Correct me on this. Thanks

  • Greg
    Greg Posts: 106
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    I would change immediately

  • John
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    There are BB users in addition to iPhone users on ATT. Once verizon gets the iPhone, they'll have network issues also due to the increased bandwith usage of Iphone users. Unless... They've watched ATT and have prepared for it.

  • kenny
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    My heart will stop if I see Verizon advertising a iPhone 4G commercial  I despise Verizon so much. I think thr iphone will crash them the first day out. They were dumb enough to not take the iphone when given the chance, they are dumb enough to not notice how much data people use by learning from AT&T.

  • Punk_Poet
    Punk_Poet Posts: 66
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    i think that if apple does give verizon the 4th gen. iphone that they will sell it for ATT as well. that would be screwed up to there faithful customers that like att and dont want to switch carriers just for a phone. I've had ATT and never had a problem with anything ever. i hope verizon gets the iphone just so that there will be more competition and plan prices will drop.

  • Ryan Landlaus
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    The question cannot be either or. From what I understand, the question can only be: would Apple bring Verizon into the iPhone club. At&t uses the GSM network. Verizon uses the CDMA network. There are pro and cons to both. In terms of what concerns us here the iPhone hardware must be changed to be used on Verizon's network. The CDMA network doesn't use a sim card. GSM does. GSM is the more commonly adopted standard outside the US of A. CDMA is very good for a majority of people in the US who are not concerned about international travel. They get what GSM people lack: a much more ubiquitous coverage within our borders and maybe Canada...

    Apple is reaching a next phase in it's iPhone capitalization. It has demonstrated to all providers that no matter how big a cut Apple takes the providers stand to gain handsomely. If/when Apple starts (if it hasn't already) manufacturing CDMA enabled iPhones, they'll be gaining from both the Verizon sales at home and from whoever else uses CDMA out there. I'd think that represents quite a chunk of the world's population.

    I don't see how a "subsequent customer interest in moving to Verizon from AT&T," could happen at all since they'd have to abandon they're current hardware. And for the relative minority of people who, like myself, need to switch sim cards regularly -take that in your teeth dear locking/jailing pda manufacturers-, that would mean either staying with At&t or switching to Tmobile who seem also eager to join the iPhone cash cow train.

    At this point, I think blanketing is the only/best way to go for Apple. They've built a monster of a product, they better reap the rewards of their stupendous work!!

    Disclaimer: I'm about 82% sure my affirmations are correct, if not do tell.