Motorola Droid Specs Revealed - Is This Actually An iPhone Killer?



  • HCWHunter
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    You can already make your own ringtones from any music you have in itunes.

  • Egypt
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    Haha should i change it back?

  • Jason
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    Your a moron that cannot even write a sentence that makes sense. Its not suprising that you fell behind and didnt pay your bill. Sounds like Verizon just wanted a bill to be paid you ignorant idiot.

  • Gilberto
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    I agree with everyone the only thing that can beat an iPhone is a newer iPhone.
    A phone that could do well would be a zune phone with windows mobile 7 but that's like asking for h.r. 3548.

  • liam
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    Have you ever heard the old saying? Something about people in glass houses...

  • iPhone needs no manual
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    Dropped calls do happen, but no way is the number of AT&T 3g dropped calls near acceptable, 10mile drive on 202 (San tan) in Phoenix AZ drops the call 3-4 time during rush hour!!!!! AT&T fixed edge, but 3g service is total crap and will be their demise once iPhone excusivity is gone. Yah if iPhone goes tmobile and quality of calls stays good I am moving my $240+ per month account over. Verizon no way CDMA is not worldly and when I was with them many years ago they would not let me call Colombia south america, so the will never get my business back!