Dev Team: New iPhone 3GS Units Not Jailbreak-Proof



  • Kikintosh
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    The Main reason i jailbreak my iPhone is that Apple's response to customer's demands is very very Slow.

    Most of the feature we have today on the iPhone and the very important ones missing were all provided with the iPhone 1st Gen with 1.0.2 Firmware after jailbreak.

    The iPhone potential as a Mobile everything not just a phone, ipod and PDA, but as one of a kind mobile device to revolutionize the mobile phone industry only appeared after jailbreak.

    Jailbreak really unleashes the full potential on the iPhone

  • B3NJ1
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    because it gave me an erection...
    i love lamp

  • Fred
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  • Tonhg Stan
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    Because of the RIDICOULOUS prices in Brazil. U$ 1000,00 + the carrier data contract. Oo.

    Hey, Jobs, **** you !!! _|_

  • Simon
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    I think it was a major mistake of Apple to sell the phone only with specific carrier contracts. I would buy it immediately if I had the choice to pick the carrier. I also know a lot of friends who would do the same and have the money to do it. Running always after the next firmware lock break completely destroys the otherwise outstanding user experience of this technically and designwise outstanding product. The would have easily trippled theri sales already.
    It's a pitty that Apple still did not find the right balance between the real consumer need and their financial goals.

  • Ronni
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    As far as I know, apple made a contract with att to sell its iPhone with their carrier for 5 and up to 8 years ( not sure - correct me if i'm wrong about the years ) so they can share profit. It gave new look to att. 48% of ppl switch to att over past 2 years. Apple made his biggest mistake by selling its iPhone with at&t. lets just be honest b/c everyone knows that at&t sucks whether is its signal or 3g coverages, or even from pricing point of view, it has the highest pricing in the market until recently when Verizon took the lead and officially went to war with at&t. One of the the problem with Verizon is that their carrier does not provide sim card and thats the only advantage at&t has. Overall, i think apple should have sell unlock iPhone so everyone can use it

  • big10
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  • Vladimirs
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    I jailbreak it in order to unlock it , couse ive bought my iPhone in the UK and i want to use it in my country(Latvia) !

  • S
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    reasons? iFile!!! BlueNova!!! SBSettings!!! roqyBT!!! many more usefull tweaks!! and guess what - not all of them are for free - now im stuck with iOS4, cant go back to 3.1.3 JB :/ even with SHSH file stored with Cydia :(:(:(

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