Google to Launch Music Service to Compete With iTunes

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imageGoogle to Launch Music Service to Compete With iTunes

Google seems to be Apple's worst nemesis. According to a series of reports on TechCrunch, Google could soon be launching a music service that could potentially compete with Apple's iTunes. This launch shall be in partnership with online music service providers Lala and iLike (recently acquired by MySpace). The official...

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  • Appstand_Mike
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    This is interesting. Any time Google rolls out any new business's at least a threat. Especially since people are already using Google anyway. If their purchase/transfer interface is easy...AND people can listen to songs on any device, they just might have a shot.

    Yes, Microsoft has Zune. But people are visiting the Google page constantly. If Microsoft/MSN doesn't get the same traffic, they won't have as good of a chance. (Even though I'm sure their traffic is pretty good as it is...)

  • Jason
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    One grand example, look what gMail did to hotmail.