Google Ready To Offer Navigation App For iPhone if Apple Agrees

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imageGoogle Ready To Offer Navigation App For iPhone if Apple Agrees

In the Motorola Droid ad campaign, Verizon claims that Droid does all that the iPhone doesn't. One such feature that the iPhone doesn't support was revealed by Google earlier this week. Available on Android OS 2.0 , the Google Maps Navigation is a real-time turn-by-turn GPS navigation system that is...

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  • Wolverinemarky
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    i want that google gps app hopefully apple wont be douchebags and will finally approve something we want

  • Mercuryshadow
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    I'll be moving to Android when I'm eligible for upgrade anyway. I'm sick of Apple's draconian approval process.

  • Josh
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  • Chris Wade
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    +3 for Droid (if I can convince my boss, my wife already has a myTouch and the coverage is tons better with T-mobile than with AT&T)

    I do think the GPS app would be a competitive edge for Droid, GPS Apps are expensive, although if you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can get xGPS for free and it works fairly well.

  • Vishnu
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    He iPhone Users if you have jailbroken iPhone,just download NAVIGON NAVIGATION ITS AWESOME
    Anyway i am waiting for Google GPS NAVIGATION FOR IPHONE but the bad thing is that it requires internet

  • Jeth
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    Sure! I want to see this app in my iphone.

  • hxclos
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    I wonder if Tom Tom's accessory will work with this app and boost the GPS signal in those forrest parts of the US. Hopefully it does cuz I'm planning to buy it but not their app.

  • apple sucks and att 2
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    apple takes about 1 year to approve something... so dont be so happy about this....

  • dave
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    While the Google app alone may not "the" competitive advantage, it may be the perverbial straw that breaks the camel,s back for some users when combined with the cumulative Droid features.

  • RP
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    +5 (I have 2 iPhones)I am jumping ship next Friday. Droid and Verizon here I come! I realize the Droid may not have the awesome array of fart apps that the iPhone has but give it time. (Sarcasm)

  • Ian Clarke
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    Remember when you didn't need anybody's permission to create innovative software?

  • Fingers21
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    I have copilot europe on my iphone, it is an amazing app, but will definately go for google's turn by turn navigation! I'm iPhone all the way, but then i'm u.k, so have no issues with AT+T, but o2 are shite! But that is also soon to change, with other networks picking it up!

  • John
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    I have a magellan GPS with traffic but since the iPhone came out I use Maps to navigate. Generally I know where i am going but use the traffic updates to decide the best route to take. Google is an order of magnitude superior to the traffic service that magellan uses.

    Apple I love you but bend over backwards to get the help that Google is offering this will benefit both of you as well as all of us.

    If the other GPS service can't compete with google then Darwinian laws prevail

  • Rabiya Khan
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  • Scott
    Scott Posts: 164
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    Nice.... encourage thievery of intellectual property. And you wonder why Apple locks down the iPhone!

    Yes, I'm Jailbroken, there are apps I want, but I don't use 'cracked' apps. I gladly paid for Navigon. It does what I want at a realistic price point. It cost them to develop it, and if you expect them to improve they need an income stream to do so.


  • ewj
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    Apple takes 3-6 weeks to approve an app - not a year. I sale two apps in the store now. The downside to the google app (and this is the only one) you need access to a high speed network to get maps. Products like Igo/Ndrive/Sygic/TomTom give you the maps so they are always with you. Yes, the maps do get updated.

    The iPhone gets bad reception because it as bad and small antennae. My wife's HTC on ATT gets OK reception in many places I get none.

    Now that I am not doing any international travel I will move back to VZ and probably get a droid phone nest year.

  • Ron
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    Yes, I want it for iPhone...

  • @FastMall
    @FastMall Posts: 2
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    The best indoor navigation iphone app for 2010 by far is FastMall so far. Works without GPS, its amazing.

  • Ricky
    Ricky Posts: 33
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    Don't do it, androids suck!!! I had one for 2 months and I am only 2 weeks in with the iphone and it blows android away. Oh and good luck getting you android battery to last more than 6 or 7 hours. DONT DO IT TRUST ME!!!

  • Frits
    Frits Posts: 1
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    Without GPS, I'm amazed and will try it. The GPS connection on my iPhone drops all the time.

    Thanks, Frits