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    Verizon Attacks AT&T 3G Coverage On Its Ads One More Time

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageVerizon Attacks AT&T 3G Coverage On Its Ads One More Time

    Looks like Verizon is on a mission to make people aware of AT&T's "inferior" 3G coverage. Just days after Ma Bell filed a lawsuit against Verizon for its 'There's a map for that' ad campaign, the latter has launched a new series of ads attacking AT&T's 3G network one more...

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    • tjmtjm Posts: 11
      via Wordpress

      There is no denying Verizon's network, but I know I am not alone in basing my provider decisions on hardware. So until Verizon and Apple get together with a 4G iPhone with dual capability, I'm staying with AT&T...for the phone!

    • A Black DudeA Black Dude Posts: 167
      via Wordpress

      this just shows how desperate they are....that is all....

    • the white manthe white man Posts: 1
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      i agree with the black man (thumbs up)

    • FloridaFlorida Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      I agree they are desperate...

      It is very similar to another industry I work in... our competitor is desperate for sales and they are tanking... They laid off 85% of their employees over the past year... We still have 100% of our employees and our sales are up over 30% from last year. Why.. make better equipment and better designs.

      So they make comments to attack the competition to try and make the consumer think they are bigger...

      Although in the case of Verizon they are a big company and have tons of overhead... so they are trying to keep what they have and not loose more customers to the iPhone. I'll take the iPhone any day even if I do not have 3G everywhere.

    • JamesJames Posts: 258
      via Wordpress

      Agree totally, verizon must be desperate to start such a petty attack.
      I also am sticking with AT&T , love the iPhone & have no issues with AT&T either.
      I had many, many problems with verizon, billing, account access, and their terrible phones.

    • MoroniMoroni Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      Well verizion has a batter coverge but they're plans are way to expensive and the data plan they have it's just stupid, pay as use lol.
      Plus thier custumer service it's the worse in the world, specialy if you do a bunddle up they add services that you don't ask for and charge for it, like the international calls $ 10 dollars more, when u realize it's there sometime it's too late u aready payed the bill, and when u call to complain take forever on the phone and most people just hung up from frustration, so there goes another $ 10, if u put this times 89 million custumer go figure.
      I know this from a friend that works there and she said they do on purpese. Plus I have no problem with AT&T here in utah.

    • AvsterAvster Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      Verizon should come out with a new ad
      showing dropped calls. There are times I
      want to throw the iPhone out the window
      after yet another dropped call, but I quickly
      realize that AT&T is the culprit.
      Come on Apple - make your deal with Verizon
      for a world iPhone.

    • minig0dminig0d Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      AT&T may not have 3G everywhere but they do have 3G in my house... in my office... and everywhere else I spend 99% of my time... they did not have 3g in panama city beach when I was there for spring break but I lived without it.... boohooo.... although I do find the commercials amusing... maybe at&t will rethink its abusive pricing policies...

    • Pissed at ATTPissed at ATT Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      Bring it on!

      I'm really hoping for an Iphone at Verizon. I don't get 3g with Att where I live but all the people with verizon and sprint get it fine, While I'm using Edge, and have a hard time even loading a webpage, with there service I can tether and literally do live webcam video and voice via Ichat full screen. (I have tested this and due to it will be going to the droid if the Iphone does not become avail.)

      Att's contracts crap. Why should I be charged for a service that they KNOW they can not provide me? Charging me extra for a data plan in an area where the equipment does not exist is retarded. So basically, I'm paying 100 a month for a phone that other than being like an Ipod, is no better than any other phone that does not have 3g. I might as well go with tmobile's 49 buck unlimited usage plan (and have the same service as I currently have)

      No, the move to someone else is inevitable, Att has really dropped the ball where I live and the service, and support I have received from them is terrible. I'm at a point where I would rather break my contract with them and walk paying the fee then have to deal with their poor excuse for a network any longer.

      Hey ATT, Not everyone lives in the center of the city you fucking morons. (Oh and I couldn't even get 3g while in Cincinnati half the time, only at "select areas" Bullshit)

      I think bringing the Iphone to Verizon with be the death blow to ATT.

    • JBJB Posts: 110
      via Wordpress

      While I still have pretty good luck with AT&T, when there are times I don't, I actually carry a mifi from Verizon. I love my Iphone so I'll suffice the use of Verizon's mifi until then.

    • JBJB Posts: 110
      via Wordpress

      oh, I also agree, the iphone on Verizon will make AT&T die a slow painful death..... aT&T wouldn't be where it is today w/o the iphone.

    • via Wordpress

      It makes no difference if ATT or Verizon have phone with exceptional data coverage, the spectrum does not support the amount of data traffic period. This is not about coverage areas it is about bandwidth over the air. We expect 802.11ABGN to the phone over the carrier networks with cell switching, the FCC spectrum allocation doesn't support this degree of coverage. I live in NYC, coverage is pervasive, bandwidth is not!!
      I have full signal and dropped calls. However ATT is not using their spectrum wisely and this is causing the FCC to take a good look at how they allocate their channels, similar to Nextels rebanding may happen. None the less everyone calm down, all the carriers suck, it is just who sucks less today.

    • DanielDaniel Posts: 173
      via Wordpress

      Verizon's maps are so misleading that I hope they end up having to air retractions. They include their own non-3G data coverage while totally ignoring the fact that AT&T's 3G is twice as fast as their own and don't include AT&T's EDGE coverage that is about as fast as Verizon's fastest offering. If you want the real facts, check out

    • dxs101dxs101 Posts: 52
      via Wordpress

      hilarious :),
      im happy over in Canada we all love rogers ;D

    • ThermonatorThermonator Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      My biggest problem is not ATTs 3g it is their voice service. And I have had both Verizon and T-Mobile. I did take ATT because of the iPhone BUT other things like the fact that Vercheezon's data rates were constantly in slowdown mode due to high traffic times. Vercheezon was great late at night but during high use was LOUSY. What I will say is that with Verizon I had MUCH higher voice quality than ATT and almost no dropped calls. The problem with Vercheezon is their billing and they are total JERKs. They refuse to cut you slack even when their reps make mistakes. Also, Vercheezon is more expensive to start with and they want to charge you for every single thing you do. Before the iPhone, they did not want to let you put your own music on their phones. And they wanted to sell you all their data services. A good month of Vercheezon could easily cost 200 or more.
      T-Mobile was a very nice company but their network is just plain lousy. Catherine Zeta Jones needs to reinvest in their infrastructure, lol. But T-Mobile is absolutely one of the best companies to deal with from a Customer Service point of view. If they could offer service that is comensurate w/ ATT or Vercheezon, as far as I'm concerned they'd have my business.

    • anonymousanonymous Posts: 106
      via Wordpress

      That's really ironic. AT&T does not have 3g everywhere but precisely where you do not need it since you likely have an internet connection of your own in both of those places.. ;)

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