TomTom Version 1.2 Released - Includes Support For iPod Touch and First Gen iPhones

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imageTomTom Version 1.2 Released - Includes Support For iPod Touch and First Gen iPhones

TomTom, one of the navigation apps available on the iPhone has just released an updated version. The new version v1.2 of TomTom's iPhone app offers quite a lot of interesting features and one that is most interesting is its support for iPod touch and the first generation iPhones. The TomTom...

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  • Tristan
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    Got it yesterday. Took me ages to figure out how to get Text-To-Speech (TTS). You have to go to settings, voice, and choose one that says (computer) after it. Only then will it tell you road names/numbers - and it works on demo mode,so you can test it without having to go anywhere.

    Lane guidance is, I think, a small icon in the bottom left of the screen. Could be useful at times.

  • Dizi
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    Unless you only drive around your small town or neighborhood, and nobody needs navigation for that, this is useless without live traffic information.

  • Chuckie
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    I think it's a clever business move now when Google has announced that their app for voice navigation will be free on the android. This will keep some custormers on the Ipod/Iphone platform instead of they have to buy an android mobile for navigation.

    But still good luck against Google :o)

  • airmanchairman
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    Clever, clever move by Tom Tom: the installed base of iPod Touch and 1st Gen iPhone owners is massive, and in one fell swoop they get a GPS receiver and SatNav capability. These are users that cannot avail themselves of any future Google freebie SatNav app solutions (unless Tom Tom opens up its car kit for use by 3rd parties, which may make business sense).

    3G & 3G S users get enhanced GPS functionality if they buy the car kit, but are free to purchase the app and use whatever car kit solution they prefer.

    This is a traditional SatNav vendor covering its bases and preparing for Google's inevitable onslaught on their market sector. Wise...

  • Jay
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    Ok, I don't understand this. Version 1.0 and 1.1 recognized State Hwy 220 in Orange Park, Fl but version 1.2 doesn't. I like the new software update but the new map update forgot where hwy 220 is. Weird

  • Doc Izzy
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    The Tom Tom Car kit helps any GPS enabled app. Perhaps the app does a better job of taking advantage of it... but every thing I've read, and my own experience, is that the car kit improves all GPS accuracy.

    There are still more feature rich turn by turn apps in the store. Magellan just came out with an app that has all the features most Tom Tom users have been wanting. Also Magellan has a car kit coming out that does all the Tom Tom kit does plus one more: you can use the Magellan kit with your iPhone in just about any iPhone case. The TomTom kit requires you to insert the iPhone without any cover.

    I myself am currently using Gokivo for turn by turn. The appeal to me is $3.99 price for 30 days of live traffic and most current maps available. Since I don't venture from my home area too often, I can simply pay $3.99 before going on any trip where I might need it. That would probably be 3 or 4 times a year (at most). That's about 20% the cost of the Tom Tom app.

    But the Magellan app is very appealing and so far it seems to have hit a home run with version 1.0 - something Tom Tom failed at.