Apple Wants Native Maps Get To "Next Level" - Does That Mean Parting Ways With Google?

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imageApple Wants Native Maps Get To "Next Level" - Does That Mean Parting Ways With Google?

Over the past few months, there has been frequent buzz around the native maps application on the iPhone. First it was with Google introducing advanced navigation features on the Android which is yet to be made available on the iPhone. Then later, we also heard that Apple had acquired a...

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  • Douceswild
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    With the beef between Google and Apple, it was only a matter of time before this happen.

  • ezmac
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    Yes, I'm tired of GMap..

  • Dean
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    i would like to see a built in mifi that transfer 3g into wifi

  • Reguard
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    Ya me too but there probally is some JB app for that but I'm happy enought with the tethering hack ( from benm ) But I thought we were talking about maps n I get good use out of the standard maps app

  • Turley Muller
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    No, Apple isn't going to get rid of Google Maps, but developers can't really leverage Google Maps to create apps from. Google only allows adding content found through its search engine, and it can't be sold. So, think about apps that could be in the iPhone app store, that aren't because the limitations of developing off Google Maps. I think Apple will still have Google Maps for navigation and searching for locations, but for specialized content and applications needing maps and location services to build from, Apple will provide that.

  • Sugrefd
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    I will leave the iPhone if the do not do something soon to provide a free turn by turn gps app.

  • Louis
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    I just bought a Garmin GPS for my car, 99$ at best buy. The Google maps is pretty good but not good for the driver who can't muliti~task.

    It would be nice if the Iphone had it for free. There's no way I'd pay 99$ to have GPS on the phone. Don't you folks know when you go into the valley way up in the Mountains there is no signal. If they build the GPS receiver into the phone then I'd drop some i~dollars

    Even if you know where you're going you won't know where you are with no signal.

    No carrier signal? There's an app for that.

  • Josh
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    It's called MyWi its on Rock and i think Cydia.

  • Scott
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    Where have you been Louis? There IS a GPS receiver built into the phone - starting with the 3G back in July 2007 :). The high ticket GPS apps include their own maps so you don't need a cellular signal to use them.

  • jim
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    What scott said. Where have you been!

  • Evans
    Evans Posts: 4
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    I think apple might develop a navigation software but now an app like google maps, since nothing can top google maps. Street maps, billions of poi, the map of the whole world etc. I don't think any company can top this.

  • Alex
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    there are videos of googlemaps navigation on the youtube & it looks mindblowing with satellite maps.