Has Apple Started Field Testing the Next Gen iPhone?

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imageHas Apple Started Field Testing the Next Gen iPhone?

Has Apple begun field testing the next generation of iPhone? Chances are likely as folks at MacRumors suggest. The website is reporting of a few iPhone apps that seem to have tracked access from iPhone models hitherto not available in the market. Conventionally, Apple assigns a device identification number to...

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  • k.cool
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    this is a picture of the 4g iphone ...........
    i wanna noe.........this is 4 real?
    is this d same thing mentioned abv.......
    i wnt al u guys 2 download d pic n chck it out.................

  • Wolverinemarky
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    also why would it be running OS 2.7 and not 3.1.2

  • Mark
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    Honestly, I would love to see a faster processor, thinner and lighter, flash with at least a 5mp camera, better ear speaker and elimination of the "chrome" bezel. I would also prefer multitasking capability and a way to share downloaded files between apps more effectively. Finally, the ability to organize apps within file folders in the home screen so as to allow for logical aggregation of apps rather than having to move apps one at a time to a new page when adding new appps, e.g.g business, reading, music, games, etc.
    But while these are some of my "wants" this is still the best phone out there and I was a Blackberry bigot forever! Now I can't live without my iPhone!

  • Joe blow
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    Aside from a faster processor, better resolution screen, and a bigger camera sensor (much more important than more mega pixels) for better low light shots, and better battery life, which I think are the most likely improvements. What I would really like to see and what would be a real game changer are the following. 1. A built in video projector. Apple already has a vast video catalog. 2. A virtual keyboard for when you are using the projector. Technology already exists. 3.Better bluetooth support. So you can connect to a stereo and have a fully functional remote. 4. A 2nd front facing camera with live video transmission. Enabling 2 way video phone calls. If Apple can do this and keep the same price point, I wouldn't be able to wait until my contract was up 1 year from next summer probable release to upgrade.

  • muphinDOTnet
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    Apples motive is to use high quality hardware but limit it to increase battery life, a projector would drain the battery significantly, and its not in high demand, meaning not everyone needs to use a projector so your using more real estate on the phone than what's needed.

    Main technology the iphone would get is consistent with the previous versions, faster processor, larger storage, and use of next gen techs (such as 3G, EDGE). so if you figure out what the best mobile processor out there is, the best SSD out there, and camera would be around 5MP nothing larger than that, doubt a flash would be used but perhaps a better video processor to reduce glare/darkness and such, video recorder should make it in but since apple knows it can make money off third party apps i doubt they will include this.
    from what i know a radio is going into the next version. I would like to see a front facing cam (prob use the old lense for this) so people can make use of video calling, and it needs a SD card interface.
    everything software related i wont speculate since the phone is only limited by the hardware.
    Oh and it will probably be designed to utilize USB 3.0 when the specs get released soon. (since apple did design 3.0 version)

  • muphinDOTnet
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    sorry misinformation, apple didnt design USB 3.0 but Firewire.

  • Dustin
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    congratulations on building a phone that lasts for 30 minutes

  • Frank Frankson
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    I don't understand why Apple would make a CDMA handset...CDMA was phased out about 3 years ago. 3G has taken its place. I think the whole CDMA this is crap. its obselete now.

  • Dean
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    i would like to see a built in mifi that trasfer 3g into wifi

  • Alex
    Alex Posts: 383
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    i want it to have:
    12mp camera, 120gb storage, user interface complete make over, thinner than ipod nano, more faster than nexus one