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    Vonage Announces Subscription Plan For Unlimited International Calling for iPhone Users

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageVonage Announces Subscription Plan For Unlimited International Calling for iPhone Users

    Vonage, the popular internet telephony service provider has announced a monthly subscription plan for iPhone users to make unlimited VoIP calls. This comes after the company launched their free iPhone app in October of this year. With the new subscription plan, Vonage Mobile customers can avail unlimited international calling to...

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    • Scott BuschlenScott Buschlen Posts: 5
      via Wordpress

      Buyer beware!

      I signed up with Vonage. Bought my own hardware!!
      A year and half later, I was not using it. I tried to cancel out, and they wanted a $50 cancellation fee. It is in their fine print, and they had my Visa #

      Trying to avoid giving them $50 for nothing, I was told I had to wait until 2 yrs had passed, but could not schedule my cancellation. I had to phone on that day. I tried a week prior, they wouldn't. I tried the day prior, they wouldn't. I tried again on the exact day, but by then they had already charged my visa for another month. This was a very frustration experience.

    • Krew_92Krew_92 Posts: 30
      via Wordpress

      Well makes sense you should of read the contract, 2 years is standard when joining a phone service. Now imagine if you had AT&T? You would have to pay around $200 to cancel the contract...

    • JohnJohn Posts: 790
      via Wordpress

      Only $50? And you waited till then? I would have paid the $50 if I hated the service that much

    • klutchklutch Posts: 54
      via Wordpress

      Lol paid 194.91 to get a 3gs and get out of AT&T . 50$? Go vonage

    • via Wordpress

      Cancel you credit card then if you hate it that

    • DialMateDialMate Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      If one is already subscribed to Vonage World, it can easily be extended to any cell phone (regular and smart phones) without subscribing to Vonage Mobile or Vonage World Mobile, thus saving $14.99 each month. Cellular minutes are not used if one’s cell phone carrier is AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile (free unlimited calls to and from favorite numbers) or Sprint/Nextel (free incoming calls). Just install a Call Bridge/Call Back switch on the Vonage World line and place unlimited air time and long distance calls to 60 countries and even share with family, friends, associates, etc. Also the use of the Vonage World line is not restricted to USA residents only. Land lines and some cell phones in the 60 countries can also place the same unlimited calls.

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