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    French Carriers Announce Major Price Cuts for iPhone

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageFrench Carriers Announce Major Price Cuts for iPhone

    Happy times for French shoppers planning to buy iPhones this holiday season. Competition among carriers is already starting to benefit the customers as the market is seeing massive price cuts by carriers trying to out-do each other in attracting Christmas time shoppers. After announcing the end of their exclusive partnership...

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    • malkovitchmalkovitch Posts: 0
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    • RyanRyan Posts: 260
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      Competition rocks!! There should never be such a thing as an exclusivity contract. They are nothing more than an illegally imposed license to gouge. The french have this "gouging limit law", where carriers and manufacturers can only gouge for a few months, not great but better than none. Here in the US, I'm quite certain that if they're challenged in court they would be struck down under all kinds of fair competition laws. BigCorp knows that the way things stand, it'd take years or even decades (if ever) for this to make it's way through our arcane legal system.

      Last year, just shy of Christmas, I got a 8GB 3G for 59€ or about $80 in France. Surprise, surprise, it was factory unlocked!!!! A few months later I had to get the 3GS. No factory unlock this time, still much cheaper than getting it States side: €129 for the 16GB plus the contract at €41 a month. The contract is easy to cancel if you have a US address: just tell them you're moving to the US and to send you your last bill there.

    • Samrat PSamrat P Posts: 1
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      After the launch of Google nexus One the prices will even drop down!

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