Apple Corrects iPad Demo Video; Reconfirms it Has No Plans to Support Flash

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imageApple Corrects iPad Demo Video; Reconfirms it Has No Plans to Support Flash

If you were hopeful that Apple iPad would support Flash based on Apple’s official iPad video then we’ve some bad news. Apple has just corrected the iPad demo video by removing the Flash content from it. It now shows the broken Flash plug-in icon. We had reported yesterday that: The...

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  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates Posts: 54
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    no flash... stupid

  • James
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  • dave
    dave Posts: 389
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    Steve Jobs was dissing netbooks during his iPad presentation and guess what ?? these clunky cheap netbooks run Flash, have a webcam, USB ports etc... and are $200 cheaper than the iPad, so remind me again what market the iPad is supposed to be going after??? I can understand the base model of the iPad going up against a Kindle and thats fine, but the other models (more memory and with 3G) does not make sense what so ever in the market place. Apple will no doubt realise this once they start selling them.

  • appleguy
    appleguy Posts: 5
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    Just bought a netbook... its got 250 HDD, 1.8 GHZ atom processor nvidia graphics.. 2 gigs of ram.. runs win 7. and have a 9 inch screen for 599.. MUCH better then the ipad.. wow

  • E4tH
    E4tH Posts: 0
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    well if your a college student who doesnt want to carry loads of books this could be useful.. but other then that i don't see how it will appeal to everyone else.. lets hope the second generation if it makes it to a second generation is going to be much better..

  • SLY
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  • Ed
    Ed Posts: 110
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    Steve should be ashamed of such failure. This is the year 2010, the most basic PC has flash. Apple, you truly have disappointed me. iPad should have been a touchdown, now is looking more like a field goal.

  • Franky j
    Franky j Posts: 142
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    That's apple, no cam no flash no USB ports. I bet his thing can't even have different log on names for families. Anyone knows any good netbooks forget this ipad. I'm not going to get played by apple anymore.

  • unreal
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    Not a "broken flash image". The icon represents a non-existent plugin to handle non-standard embedded content.

    That's what happens when you embed non-standard technology in a web page. Not all browsers support it.

    The fact that Apple does not and will not support Flash is not news. Stick to standards. Or give up the market share of people who do.

    Flash: could not care less. I don't use sites that use Flash. It's just plain not good technology.

    But the lack of webcam... stupid. Product is nothing more than an itouch with a big display. Not even any improvements in storage and battery life given the 10x as much internal volume, compared to the itouch.

    Lamest engineering since the AppleTV.

  • Robin Darroch
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    I'm very glad to see Flash isn't going to end up in the iPad, and I'm not even planning to buy one yet. Look around you: tech-heads may buy netbooks because it fulfils our desire to tinker. Everyone else is going to buy iPads because they're beautiful and easy to use and reliable and fast and... oh this web site doesn't work properly? Off to the competitor's site...

    I'm not saying you shouldn't buy netbooks - go for it, if that's what you want. I'm happy with my MacBook/jb-iPhone-3GS combo myself, and have no plans to buy an iPad at this point. But claiming that millions and millions of people won't buy the iPad because it doesn't support Flash is simply ignorant. Most non-techies won't care, and those that want to continue to make their sites available to non-techies will be forced to support alternative, standards-based technologies like HTML5.

    As for the first company to bring to market an interactive/animated site development tool like those currently for Flash, but which outputs standards-based sites instead? I expect they'll quietly clean up...

  • Beatngu
    Beatngu Posts: 3
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    Just hope the hackers can enable flash via homebrews.
    If not,i think Apple has dug there own grave.

    So hackers please hack this ****!!!!

    So i can buy it,no chace i Will pay 800-900$ for à over grown iphone.
    Will start looking for other touch laptops if it takes too long to hack it, or not able to hack it at all.(Georg Will probarly save Apple's ass and hack it within the first week)

  • Jordan
    Jordan Posts: 163
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    Your honestly better of with the macbook Air - its really thin and light like the ipad and runs full osx not this bs iphone software - what a joke and a let down - I think they are going for people that dont have iphones

  • lvidal
    lvidal Posts: 12
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    That pressure Apple is making to force no flash in the web is the best thing ever, and everybody should thank them if they have success in that. Flash is a horrible thing for the web. It is a memoryhog-processorvideodemanding thing that force a lot our machines and should be erradicated forever. Also is too buggy. People with iPhones doesn't seem too much about flash (42 millions sold), and iPod Touch neither (like 20 millions more) there are like 60 millions of users of iphone/ipod touch that don't have flash and that doesn't seem to be a problem at all. In fact Apple have forced a lot of developers to create sites iPhone specific without flash and using html5 and they are liking the idea. So, I think is good to have an iPad without flash, I hope that thing to be a strong seller, and it'll be. And flash should dissapear forever.

  • Julius
    Julius Posts: 2
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    I need flash.

    Without flash, i need to buy an additional device that supports flash. Maybe i will not buy an iPad because of this.

  • Min
    Min Posts: 16
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    hmm.... I need to postphone to buy iPad
    Even it has so amazing functions but, it is missing a amazing function also.

  • furrever
    furrever Posts: 3
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    Simply put, the iPad is a toy.

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    Im a MAC fan, have been since college. But I have to admit, if Mr Steve Jobs really wants the iPad to be a truly amazing internet device...then he really is kidding himself by cutting off the 40%? percent of flash based websites out there in one stroke. With the power and influence that Apple have why cant they strike a deal with Adobe to develop an iPhone/iPad LE version of FlashLite?? Is greed starting to penetrate the apple core? I really hope not...the closed platform is a sour pill to swallow but Apple followers willingly digest it...but there has to be a line on the horizon where we (apple fans) ask am I signing over TOO much control to how I access the web? C'mon Steve - you can do it...

  • Tintin
    Tintin Posts: 1
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    It seems people just aren't getting it. Apple have re-designed the way we interact with computers. For those people who don't give a rats arse about seeing the file structure, over-customising the OS and 'tinkering' with their computers, this is an absolutely great move. My parents are going to love their iPad for all movie watching, mail, internet, photos and music. They don't want 'missing dll' errors, and boot errors and hard disk failures such as they get on the HP.

    For those that read this site, techies mainly, it's going to be next to useless.

    Look at the price point. Look at the simplified UI. Look at how quickly people took up the iPhone and it's very similar UI. For the layman, this is going to be a great solution.