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    Will iPad's A4 Chip Make Its Way to iPhone 4G?

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
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    imageWill iPad's A4 Chip Make Its Way to iPhone 4G?

    One of the notable aspects about the recently unveiled Apple iPad is its speed. From what we can gather from early reviews of the device, the A4 processing chip on the iPad enables the applications to be opened "instantly" and its response time is seen to be much faster than...

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      The iPad is hardly a tablet, it's an iTouch on steroids. Now if you took the mac book air flipped the screen around made it touch and had a BT key board, that would have been a tablet, and would have been a better contribution to the computing world if Steve really wanted to do something important. The iPad will go the way of mac tv or what ever it was called.

    • GatyaGatya Posts: 1
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      Nexus One (Google phone) already has a 1 Ghz processor. This A4 processor is nothing revolutionary technologically, but may have a nice profit margin, because it's made by Apple.

    • via Wordpress

      The new iPhone 4G will have (i really hope!!) the ARM Cortex A9 based dual core processor which can perform on 2GHz and 512 Mb of RAM with a state of art graphic chipset capable to run the latest high end games (even in 3D). I don't think the battery life boundries will be a issue because all next generation iPhones will have rechangeable battery packs. Apple aims on the mega lucrative games market and wants to be a serious Sony PSP Go & Nintendo DS competitor with the new iPhone 4G. For online gaming we really need a solid working LTE 4G network because the current 3G networks cant deal todays data traffic amounts already and also the very bad 3G reception.

    • ChrisChris Posts: 736
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      LOL I CANT BLEAVE THIS GUY. OK we all are a little upset wit the ipad but why are we really mad...All the people talking about it before it came out made it this big bad mega pc that fits in your hands. Now come back down to earth for a min. This will be the worlds best ebook reader that plays vid mp3 and goes on da web. Have kindle say that at there 499$ price tag. This will sell out every where and next year Steve jobs will be saying how many more millions it made them. SO I SAY AGAIN GET FUCKING REAL AND GROW UP DUMB ASS.

    • BrandonBrandon Posts: 86
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      There is more to a processer than just it's speed. From what I've read, the A4 chip is revolutionary because of how efficient it is; preserving battery life and keeping your device cool.

    • LouisLouis Posts: 180
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      It's too big for an ebook reader and kindel is not so conventional compared to the nook.. Have to say I agree with ipad disappointment.

      Unless one can use all the apps that are currently running on your mac the only thing the ipad has that's great is the battery life n processor speed. Why would I want a giant iPod. Now we'll need bigger pants to fit the I~pad... (1billion songs in your pocket)... ID still have to go back to my computer to use my other adobe and final cut apps and Microsoft word..
      Plus no video chat....

      It's like having a woodburnig stove and gas oven in the same flat...

    • via Wordpress

      lol this guy, you can do that on your iphone... right? i know i can. which is why this pad is worthless. a half assed view of the web and can play music and now read the news paper that i was already able to read on my iphone. as for down to earth, hes already got the mac book air, if you have been to the store or web page you could see it. what i said to do would be way easy especial for apple. you should calm down and not get soo angry over what people post. lame go back to your hole.

    • mozmoz Posts: 63
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      @iPhonist von Gates

      "all next generation iPhones will have rechangeable battery packs"

      Says who? You?

    • jjfadjjfad Posts: 1
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      u r an idiot, id..

    • TriusTrius Posts: 1
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      you people that don't see the potential of the ipad......that is exactly what sets you (the public) apart from the real artists, the inventors of the future. You were the same people that laughed at Steve Jobs when he had a vision for the "Personal Computer"....why dont you open up your minds a little...

    • RudyRudy Posts: 7
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      I would really like to purchase the iPad *but* because it lacked a camera, applications like Skype would be severely limited. Other "complaints" would include the lack of multitasking (at least 2 apps), a missing SD card reader, no USB ports, and the inability to view flash websites. I know it's not a tablet or a notebook (or even a netbook), and should not be. This is a home device that replaces that picture frame or the physical clutter of books, DVDs, and CDs. I wish it would replace my video-phone (IE. Skype), but it does not. It is a clean way of getting the news and the many social networking sites available at home. Not bad at all, but not great.

    • RudyRudy Posts: 7
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      But the processor isn't enduring the load of multiprocessing.

    • GuyGuy Posts: 30
      via Wordpress

      Ok, what IS the potential of the ipad then? Because it doesn't do anything the iPod touch or iPhone can't already do, it is simply a hardware upgrade and a bigger screen. Since you appear to be a "real artist", why don't you tell me how the iPad is going to change the future? If it had been an actual tablet computer, it would have been incredible, but instead it's just a big iPod. Still no multitasking on it, still no flash, and still no customization options. You're right to say the iPad could have had potential, but what Jobs released is a big iPod.

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